Stone-d Dogs – Wordless Wednesday

While living in our temporary home, Honey gets to walk in a new place every day. Yesterday, she met some new dog friends while walking in St. Michael’s Maryland.

Honey the golden retriever lies down with stoned dogs.

Okay, you’re pretty cute…

Honey the golden retriever sits with stoned dogs.

But can you do this?

Honey, you’re such a show-off.

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  1. Oh BOL! You’re title had me fooled for a second. Too cute

  2. She looks pretty happy, and very stately.

  3. Honey totally belongs in that picture. So cute. And great title!

  4. Cheeky title 😉 The second photo cracked me up. Glad you are enjoying your new location.

  5. Those pups have some wild looks in their eyes, lol! Maybe they were thinking, “Just be really still and this newcomer will move along” 😉

  6. I think you better watch out hanging around with a couple of stoned buddies!

  7. That is great! You are so much more talented than those other two “stoners” BOL!

  8. Lol, thank you for that laugh! The title and feature picture really caught my eye … I was not expecting Honey to pull a “show-off” moment :-> I’m glad to see you’re having some fun.

  9. It’s great to see that Honey can make friends wherever she goes even though she shows them up with her greater abilities.

  10. Great pictures! Honey is beautiful!

  11. Very sweet! Honey, I am not sure your new friends will be able to keep up with you.

  12. St. Michael’s is wonderful! Enjoy!