Sticky Bliss – Wordless Wednesday

Honey loves the Palmetto State. Why?

Honey the golden retriever blissfully chews on Palmetto.

Palmettos make these awesome chewy sticks and leave them on the ground just for me.

If you don’t know what a palmetto is, Mike, our lovely spokesmodel points out the latest edition in Southport, North Carolina.

Palmetto in Southport, NC.

As the palmetto grows, the branches dry and harden. When they drop off, the old branches make a tough dog chew toy.

In The News

Thank you to everyone who made a gift to Melissa’s Go Fund Me account after reading Can You Help Animals By Helping People? If you haven’t yet, please consider if you can share a little bit to help someone else.

Congratulations to Natalie who won Honey’s old Ruffwear life jacket. Hope your dogs wear it in good health.

We’re giving the blog a much-needed face lift. But I’m struggling to find a suitable image for the top banner. Do you have any suggestions for a great shot that would tell everyone who stops by Something Wagging what to expect? If so, let me know in the comments.

And finally, tomorrow we’ll get everyone caught up on where we’ve been and what we’re doing to the boat. Most of all, we’ll share what it means for Honey and how it changes the way she acts.

Your Turn: Do your dogs have favorite “found” toys? Pine cones? Sticks?Seashells? Dead varmints? Or something really weird?

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  1. It looks a little like the sego palm which grows around here. Every part of the tree is poisonous. We had one in our yard and it tried to kill me.

  2. sAgo palm

  3. Duster loves to raid our firewood pile for chewable material. He leaves it lying all around the driveway. When we’re cutting trees down, he loves to steal the wedges that result, if they’re maple. I guess they’re sweet.

  4. I like the top banner as is, but I’ll give some thought to a new one.

  5. Those seem interesting!

  6. I had no idea Palmetto branches made good sticks for chewing! We don’t have them around here but I have seen them while traveling. Next time, I’ll pick up a few branches for Haley.

    I’m guessing these trees are where the Palmetto bugs come from too. I remember freaking out the first time I saw one, but then was relieved to discover they really aren’t giant roaches, lol!

  7. Bailie and I both enjoy a good quality stick when we can find one. Most sticks are cheap and break easily, but sometimes we find a good one.

  8. Beware – the Arecaceae is toxic to dogs. There are various versions, but I don’t let Jax chew on any of them, and they’re all over the place. Be careful. Talk to you soon.

  9. Sam has no clue about what to do with sticks of any kind. #mydogisdim 😉

  10. That stick looks yummy! 🙂

  11. Love Southport! Such a cute town! This was taken there….

  12. The dogs absolutely LOVE palmetto chews!

  13. The pecan trees in the backyard produce more than enough sticks for my three. They even have a few indoor sticks in case the mood strikes!

  14. Its interesting; my ShihTzu will fetch and return his soft toy to me to throw, but when I throw anything else, it lands on the grass and he smells it. Just stares back at me as if to say: “This isn’t my toy”. I have to research the palmetto more to see if he can figure them out.

  15. My neighbor is growing one of those, but I think it’s not acclimated to Oregon. It looks so meek and sad compared to the majestic one shown here!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie