Sorrows Of A Slow Camera – Wordless Wednesday

I had a great idea for my next Wordless Wednesday post. But it just didn’t pan out.

I got Honey’s butt. I got Honey moving away. I got Honey in a big blur.

That’s the sorrow of a slow camera.

When will I learn that until I get a new camera, or move to place with sun every day, the only pictures I can take of Honey will be when she’s standing still?

Honey the golden retriever poses on a snowy day.

You wouldn’t know it from the woman’s pictures but I actually move around a lot. I should probably take up a collection so she can buy a new camera and you can see me in action.

Your Turn: Have you invested in camera equipment just for your dog?

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  1. Oh I know exactly how you feel!!!
    With 3 huskies who rarely stand still, photos can be a challenge!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  2. Yup, mom bought a nice fancy camera a few years back. Only problem is she’s still learning how to use it! BOL! We move around a lot, we’re goldens – its what we do! BOL!

  3. I invested in camera equipment for me. But I get good motion shot of the dogs too.

  4. I struggle with this too. My old / little / point & shoot camera is super slow. We used some credit card points to get a fancier camera over the holidays, but clearly, I’m not using it right because the photos turn out like crap. So for now, I’m still using my old / slow camera.

  5. Yes…I was never a big photog…but now with SlimDoggy, I need to be. My iPhone just won’t cut it.

  6. I gave up on photography figuring I can’t be great at everything. :-)

  7. I want a new camera so bad!!!
    Maybe I can get one as a graduation present this summer. :-)

  8. I have! I even posted about it: ……It’s been long enough now, I am even toying with upgrading again!

  9. Haha, my dogs are the only reason I picked up a camera and discovered my love for photography! When I upgraded I bought with them in mind. I bought the Nikon D3300 for it’s smaller body size (easier to hold treats and toys near the camera with the same hand), fast speed, higher ISO with low noise, ect. I bought my 35mm lens jut for Nola!

  10. Mom invested in a nice camera for photos, but it turns out they are mostly of me, the dog :)

  11. Oh the struggles of photographing a dog! I usually take around 10 extra shots that are completely unrecognizable of Kilo lol

  12. I have done that! When we got Abby as a puppy all my pics were crap cuz the girl barely held still. (I have like 3 decent pics of her first month with us – and one was when she got stuck crawling into a pan in our kitchen cupboard. At least she held still for a sec!) So, I was forced to buy a much faster camera so that I’d have some decent pics of her. (And then since I started blogging the next year, it ended up coming in very handy – although a lot of the time I’m really lazy and just use phone pics for the blog cuz they’re easier to upload – happens instantly – and use on the blog.)

  13. I completely sympathize with you! I was in exactly the same place for years with my camera until my husband surprised me with a new one for Christmas. Does you camera have a sports setting? That might help you out when Honey is moving around a lot.

  14. Oh, how I would love a new camera too! I tossed a bunch of blurry shots today that I wish weren’t. Know how you feel…

  15. Sounds like my life every doodle day!

  16. I often look longingly at the fancy cameras, but haven’t pulled the trigger on that. I just try to make the most out of my camera phone. I get some fairly decent pictures, so I can’t complain. I think the big draw of an expensive camera is the zoom feature. I would love to take better pictures of the wildlife I see.

  17. You look gorgeous sitting still so that’s fine with me!

  18. You look great…fancy camera or not!

  19. Bought my little Canon Power Shot mostly for the dogs, but my iPhone takes good enough pix for my purposes. My main problem is getting all 3 dogs in the same picture. Callie & Shadow have always been easy to get in one picture; but Ducky’s a challenge.

  20. Glad to know it happens to the best of us!

  21. BOL, Honey ~ we bought Mom the Canon Power Shot recently too for the same reason and we love it. She still gets lots of butts~n~blurrrrrrrs but much better that Mom’s old one.

  22. We haven’t yet invested in camera equipment, but might do that once we get some sponsors for our blog. Until then, our iPhones will have to do the job:-)

  23. I can totally relate! I actually have what I thought was a pretty good camera, but it’s OLD and sometimes really slow. I can’t tell you how many times I mutter “stupid camera” (with an occasional curse word thrown in there as well) when I miss a good shot. I want a new one, but there’s never enough money for everything we want, is there?

  24. BOL – I bought a high end camera to begin a photography business and really only use it to photograph the dogs.

    Monty and Harlow

  25. Still a lovely picture :)

  26. well, a blurry picture will show movement, and goldens love to run! And what’s wrong with a good dog butt?? I got a new better camera for Christmas and I’m scared to open it!
    Leeanna at not afraid of color