Sometimes You Just Have to Laugh or Cry

Dr. Barchas shares the news that Utah has moved forward in passing a law that allows people to shoot feral animals. I was stunned into silence when I first heard about this proposed legislation.

Protests and petitions have their role. But sometimes the best response is ridicule. I think Stephen Colbert has the right take on this issue. And if you think this is ridiculous, pass on the video link.

Let’s laugh this right out of serious political consideration.

This is a blog hop. Hop on.

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  1. Unbelievable!

  2. Thank you for sharing this! Truly unbelievable! I shared on my facebook page.

    • Thanks for sharing. It’s amazing what people think is acceptable to do with a gun in this country, isn’t it?

  3. This is so completely unacceptable…. though hopefully they’ll gain additional negative press from this video. There is a huge difference between “feral” and “stray” or gosh-forbid “lost”. Thanks for sharing, glad I found you through the saturday blog hop!

    • Despite getting a bit of ridicule already, the bill has already passed the Utah house and goes to the Senate next. I’m sure many Utahans don’t even know about this.

  4. This is barbaric. :( I live in a neighborhood, which is sadly a feral cat magnet (and a dumping ground for unwanted kittens). We’ve been able to manage it so far through trap and release (the dumped tame kittens have all been adopted). (I have one former kitten plus an adult female who – to an unschooled cat person – would have seemed wild and unadoptable.) I can’t imagine a law that would allow someone to just execute the poor animals. Ugh.

  5. I would wager this guy didn’t run on the right to kill feral animals platform. What on earth could have inspired him to come up with this idea. And why would anyone, including a group of legislators, take it seriously?

    I’m (almost) speechless. I’ll share this on Facebook too.

  6. Argh. The idiocy!

  7. Doesn’t it make you wonder about our elected officials? Sometimes I think they’re a bit feral!!

  8. Oda is a certifiable nut. I can’t believe people are actually voting for this thing. Why aren’t the SPCA and other animal rights groups camping out on this creeps doorstep!

    Opie’s Outraged Mom!

  9. I saw this when it was on…you’ve got to love Stephen Colbert! You’re right, you must laugh or you will cry! Hope you’re enjoying the Hop!

  10. I love this post, but I am speechless about the origins, too! How do these people get standing? What’s next, tossing orphans out to fend for themselves?

  11. *sigh*

    …but the fellow is funny! [i don’t know who he is though.]

  12. Wow, just wow. Who in their right mind would think this is a good idea? Who would even think this would solve an over-population problem? I just don’t understand.

    I wish I could watch the Colbert video – for some reason they are never available in Canada. I will have to look for it on youtube via the Comedy Network. Thanks for spreading the word!