Something Wagging This Way Comes – The Vacation Edition #2

While we’re on vacation, I’ll be sending you to check out some of my favorite dog blogs.

Golden Retriever posing in front of ferry

I know you put my picture here as eye candy. But I'm not just a pretty face. I have brains too, you know.

Patricia McConnell is a certified animal behaviorist with a doctoral degree from the University of Wisconsin. She’s written books about dog behavior and lectured all over the world. She’s forgotten more about dog behavior than most of us will ever know.

On her site, The Other End of the Leash, you’ll find sweet stories and pictures about life on Dr. McConnell’s farm along with hard science about animal behavior presented in a way that’s both interesting and easy for a layperson to understand.

So don’t wait. Check out The Other End of the Leash.

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  1. i love TOEOTL! i found it by accident when i needed it most [Georgia’s mad youth]. the sheep pics were cute too.

    hey Honey, did you get on that big boat or were you just being a tourist? you look so grownup now :)

    hugs xox

  2. I agree with Georgia, Honey does look very grown up!

    Patricia McConnell is one of my dog training heros. She is able to explain things in a way that just makes sense. “The Other End of the Leash” was one of the first dog books I purchased.

    • McConnell’s balance of a research background with the ability to explain complicated concepts to lay people makes her my go-to behaviorist. She just needs a good “sound bite” and maybe people would be quoting her at the dog park. :)

  3. I’m giggling over that caption on the picture!

    I’ll definitely stop by that blog and give it a look!

    • Yay, I was hoping Patricia McConnell’s blog would be new to someone who visits here!

      Her posts aren’t short but they’re very readable. I hope you enjoy it.

      BTW, I bet you loved the caption. Doesn’t Bunny say the same thing to you at times? :)