Something Wagging – The Vacation Edition #4

While I’m on vacation, I’ll be sending you to check out some of my favorite dog blogs.

Golden Retriever looking out to sea.

Gee, I wish I could be reading a good dog blog. It sure beats swimming.




Humans and canines evolved to work together. The partnership was so successful it lasts to this day.

Jan, over at The Poodle (and dog) Blog, posts newsy items that celebrate the human and dog relationship. If you want to read heartwarming stories about people and dogs helping each other, you’ve got to check it out.

So stop by to see Jan and her friends. And tell her Honey from Something Wagging This Way Comes told you to say hello.


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  1. We always do like to visit a new blog.



  2. Now I’ll be thinking about the horn dogs all night! Gah!

  3. I only recently found Jan’s blog, probably through your website, and I’ve really enjoyed the fascinating stories she shares!