Something Wagging – The Vacation Edition #3

While we’re on vacation, I’ll be sending you to check out some of my favorite dog blogs.

Golden Retriever rolling in the sand.

Am I still cute? Even when I'm smuggling sand samples in my fur coat?


If you’re interested in animal welfare, you’ll hear lots of sad stories. If you’re disheartened by reading about breed discrimination, puppy mills, and high-kill shelters, I have a feel-good blog for you to check out.

Aleksandra started Love and a Six-Foot Leash to highlight the dogs her family fosters until adoption. And the best part? Aleksandra has a special love for bully-type dogs.

So if you want to see some beautiful photographs of dogs, learn just how lovable pibbles are, and read lots of happy adoption stories read Love and a Six-Foot Leash today.

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  1. Love this blog! They seem to be such successful foster parents and I adore their positive attitudes. :-)

    • It’s also such a great example of the kind of marketing we need to do for important causes so they get the attention they deserve.

  2. Great idea to introduce other bloggers while you’re on vacation – I love it!

    • Yeah, the idea was to have it all set up before I left but that didn’t happen. I guess a few quick posts at the beach isn’t such a bad idea, though. :)

  3. love the names they give their fosters :) i miss mr gonzo bunny ears.

  4. Thanks for the very kind shout-out! We are so honored to be featured by you. Enjoy your vacation, and give Honey a nice big smooch between the eyes for me, and a grand ear-licking for Chick. Well, you don’t have to actually lick her I suppose :)

    meet our new foster darling tomorrow:

  5. I hope you realize rolling in the mud equals a bath!