Some Dogs I Don’t Like That Much…

I have an ideal dog in my mind–a dog that I measure every other dog against. I just love German Shepherds and any dog with that in the mix. They have a longish, thick coat. They’re hearty, strong, and athletic. They’re intelligent and loyal.

Yep, the ideal dog.

I don’t really like poodles much–frou frou little dogs with funny haircuts. But then I met one.

A poodle was the mascot and companion of the couple who owned the metal shop around the corner from my first house. He was strong and playful and smart. He greeted everyone in the shop, taking his hosting duties seriously. He knew lots of cute tricks.

Memories of this dog I knew twenty years ago resurface when I read about Deborah’s Sadie over at Boulder Dog. I once again feel the soft, curly coat when I admire the picture of Deborah and Sadie looking into each other’s eyes. I remember the athletic, bounding gait that is also amazingly light when I see Sadie and her friend bounding down the road, ears flying.

I don’t really like pit mixes much–that short, smooth coat, the goofy grin, the body so muscular it’s almost indecent. But then I met one.

Pibble mixes took off in popularity while we were living in Philadelphia. Every up and coming  gangsta wanted a tough looking dog on the end of a chain leash with a huge prong collar around his neck. They’d “toughen” the dogs by taunting them to get an aggressive reaction.

But these were dogs that took a lickin’ and came out licking. Their friendliness and joy were irrepressible. Every time we approached one of the neighborhood pits, they’d wiggle their whole back end, grin like a fiend, and pull their way over for lovies.

I think of these “tough,” urban dogs when I read about foster dog Lollie over at Love and a Six-Foot Leash. Lollie lounging on a bed reminds me of the dogs who couldn’t get close enough to you. I see Lollie’s beautiful brindle spots and I remember the feel of that soft, smooth coat and the strong body it covered.

I don’t really like Golden Retrievers much. They all look alike. Those flying feathers of fur must take hours of maintenance. And any dog that friendly must be a little dim.

And then I got Honey.

Golden Retriever Puppy

A little dim, huh? You ain't seen nothin' yet.

Her soft, floofy coat makes her as comfortable at 10 below as 70 above. Honey’s coat is actually wash and wear. Take her to play in the mud, wait for it to dry, brush it out. Voila! And she’s by far the smartest dog I’ve ever had.

When I read about Luna at Dog Blogging with Luna…&Penny, I think of Honey’s sweet temperament. I see a video of Luna playing so gently with Penny and I’m thankful for my dog who likes everyone. I watch Luna dancing on her bed to get the smell of shampoo out of her nose after bath time and I reach down to pet Honey sitting by my chair and resolve that this weekend the shampoo comes out.

I guess the only ideal dog is… a dog.

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  1. Awww…I came in the post thinking – okay, which dog might that be that Ms Pamela doesn’t like? Haha. None? Sweet.

  2. Obviously, you can’t judge a dog by its fur… Plus, sometimes a breed’s bad reputation might be because of the owners. Like you said, poodles get weird haircuts and even coloured fur; tough guys think pit bulls are tough, so that’s how they try to make them seem.
    Each dog has its own personality and qualities… I’m glad you came to the same conclusion.

    • And yet, we find ourselves to drawn to certain appearances for a reason, even if it isn’t logical. I like brunettes and have never dated a blonde man. Is it really that different from having a strong liking for some dogs?

  3. No one made fun of Poodles more than I did, silly frou frou dogs and then through a series of unlikely incidents I became the owner of one and my life will never be the same. Be careful of what you make fun of, it may rule your life.

    • I’ll remember your advice. I’ll certainly avoid making fun of cats, for instance. Or who knows what will end up coming home with me?

  4. What a great post… and thanks so much for the love!!!

  5. I was wondering what kind of dog you didn’t like! Hoping is wasn’t mine – LOL!
    Thanks for the links to those neat blogs – off to check them out.

    • I tell myself I don’t like different types of dogs but that only lasts until I meet one. What can I say? Dogs are irresistible.

  6. What a cute post. I think we all have certain breeds we have preconceived notions about, but they often turn out to be not true. I love Rotties, and when Meeka was alive I saw first hand how the prejudice against her breed actually ended up hurting the person that didn’t like Rotties. Every person that refused to meet and know her missed out on knowing one of the best dogs out there. She converted many Rottie haters to being Rottie lovers.

    • Sounds like Meeka was a great doggy ambassador. BTW, are you a fan of the Carl picture books? They feature a Rottie who is responsible for baby sitting. They’re just lovely.

  7. I guess dogs are a lot like people … stereotypes are usually wrong and the best thing to do is open my heart and meet those that come along.

    Honey looks like a total sweetie, as are all the retrievers I’ve met. Many happy years together for you both.

  8. Funny, I used to think I didn’t want a golden because *EVERYBODY* had a golden and I wanted something different… yep, got a golden! Actually, my first dog was a collie, because in this part of the country there aren’t many collies… everywhere we went we were stopped by adoring collie fans who ooohed and ahhhed over him… it was great, but we couldn’t just take a normal walk and be invisible! He was my paparazzi dog. I learned that having something “different” came with a price! I had to do my hair every time we went for a walk!

    • I joke that Honey gets so much attention it’s like having Marilyn Monroe on a leash.

      But I find I never have to wear make up when I’m wearing her. No one’s looking at me.

  9. thanks for the shout-out pamela!! it’s so thoughtful of you, we really are very flattered. honestly when i first glanced at this post, i felt a pang of offendedness (real word! i swear!), but i immediately felt silly for even thinking it.
    you have a real way of making people think twice and question their own assumptions, but your way of doing it is so disarming and beautiful. a true gift.

    aleksandra (and star wonderdog Lollie)

    • I worried for a long time before writing this post that I would cause so much offendedness (that’s a great word!) that no one would get past the title. I’m glad you stuck it out.

      In thinking about my pittie friends over the years, I realize that every one should have a t-shirt that says, “To know me is to love me.”

  10. Haha! I’ve got a Poodle and a Pit Bull and both are far from what most people expect from their breeds. Great post.

  11. I love this post! It’s funny how meeting just the right dog can really change your perceptions of the breed. I’ve met a few of those, too. I can still remember the first pittie I met, who always had ner nails painted red and the biggest smile you’d ever see!

    • The pittie grin is an amazing thing to see. I can’t think of a wider smile anywhere in the doggie kingdom.

      Now the greyhound smile–that’s sublime. I think the Mona Lisa got her smile from watching greyhounds.

  12. I did the same thing Georgia Little Pea did. I read on expecting to see a dog you didn’t like and then it turns out there isn’t one! Duh! I actually have met a lot of dogs art our shelter (full-breeds, mixes, etc.) and to tell the truth I loved all of them. I never wanted a Labrador Retriever (never), but then I met Daisy, an well she’s just the light of my life. I never thought I would like poodles either, and then I met my client, Arthur. Love! I guess whatever we think about certain breeds they can always be proven wrong. That’s why I really do believe in looking at the personality first, then the breed. great post Pamela!

    • I think that’s one problem with adoption sites like Petfinder. Your first choice about a dog that comes up is whether you like his looks. I wonder if it would be better to have their personality description come up first and then you click to see their picture?

      I found out from a friend, that adopting a child is very similar. First you look at a picture. Then you read about him. Same problem?

  13. Being involved in dog shows and dog showing for a few years, I’ve met almost every AKC & CKC up close and personal. There are a lot of dogs that I don’t like but this really isn’t the place to get into how much of a dog snob that I am. Know what? I think that you’ve inspired a blog post! Yay!!