Smile and Say Fleas – (Almost) Wordless Wednesday

It looks so easy. Why don’t my pictures ever turn out like those at Tales and Tails?

Find a pretty setting. Pose your dog. Shoot the picture.

Okay, let’s try it.

Posing with Honey the Golden Retriever at Taughannock Falls.
Husband: No, get her to turn around and face the camera.

Posing Honey the Golden Retriever at Taughannock Falls.
Husband: Good, now just scooch her body around so she’s facing forward.

Wife: You do realize we’re standing on ice at the edge of a twenty-foot drop onto a pile of boulders, right?

Husband: It’s not that hard. Let me try it.

Posing Honey at the Taughannock Falls.
Husband: Ok, now I’ll just slide her body along the ice to get her in the right position…

Posing Honey the Golden Retriever at Taughannock Falls.
Husband: Okay, I have an idea…

Posing Honey the Golden Retriever in front of smaller falls at Taughannock State Park.
Husband: See, I told you it would be easy.

Note on the Scenery: The first shots are taken in front of Taughannock Falls, the highest waterfalls East of the Mississippi with a 215 foot drop.

Yes, they’re higher than Niagara Falls whose largest drop is 176 feet at Horseshoe Falls.

To see more lovely photos (by a better photographer without a dog), visit the Taughannock Falls website.

And, if you find yourself visiting the New York Finger Lakes this summer, get in touch. Honey would love to give you a tour.

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  1. Ha ha we do that. No treat, no pose. The last pic is sweet. Have a wonderful wordless Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

    • I had hot dogs in my pouch. Apparently they weren’t yummy enough to tempt my fuzzy girl to place her butt on the ice. :)

  2. Woof! Woof!Very nice scenery. For great pic, Golden Trick! Must HAVE TASTY TREATS!!!! Happy BlogPaws WW. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  3. Dogs are not always cooperative, they just want to have fun.

    • Are you saying that sitting with your butt on solid ice at the edge of a precipice while someone puts a camera in your face isn’t fun? :)

  4. LOL! My strategy is to take twenty or more photos and hope one of them is good enough to post. This looks like a beautiful place to visit. :)

    • You’re a better photographer than I am. My ratio is more like 100 to 1. :)

      Maybe you’ll come see us some day if you had someone to care for the menagerie? I think you’re only about 2 hours away.

  5. What a beautiful place. Don’t beat yourself up, I can never get my dogs to pose perfectly either. Especially if there are two of them in the photo!

    • The candid shots are definitely better, if they’re not blurry from Honey from all the wagging.

      I can’t even imagine how I’d manage with two. That’s probably why I have so few pictures of Agatha and Christie.

  6. So, which one of you is standing behind the tree holding the leash?

    Lovely place! Looks cold, though. I’d send you some of our sunshine if I could.

    • Ha ha! Luckily, once we weren’t perched on an icy spot at the edge of a precipice Honey was fine with posing. I was standing behind the photographer making eye contact.

      As for the sunshine–if you figure out how to send it, I’ll give you my mailing address. :)

  7. I wish I could get better pictures of Chester and Gretel too. Actually, I have them pretty trained to pose for treats so that is only a mild struggle. i struggle most with getting natural action shots. I could also REALLY use a Photoshop class to touch up the photos.

    • I imagine that having tiny dogs that stand so close to the ground must be particularly tough. You’d probably get your best shots if you were standing in a hole. :)

  8. Hehehehe we like to keep you on your toes when cameras are concerned
    Beautiful location though:-)

    • Obviously I’m not smart enough to keep up with Honey when she’s keeping me on my toes. :)

      BTW, the post office said your book should arrive in about a week.

  9. What a beautiful place for a photo shoot. I think most of those shots are what photographers call outtakes. When I used to take pictures, outtakes were all I ever managed to get.

  10. BOL…that’s so how I feel too. I usually take 10 pics to get 1 decent one. Your last pic is beautiful though. Love the falls in the background…I’m from Syracuse originally and used to travel down to Ithaca to visit with friends at Cornell!

    • Oooh, so you’re well acquainted with the beauty of central NY. If you find yourself in the area again, I hope you’ll get in touch. :)

  11. That’s a beautiful place. Ice always looks so pretty as well.

    • It hasn’t been cold lately. But it gets very dramatic when we have sub zero temps for a while. Nearly the entire falls freezes.

      Too bad we can’t have the beauty with warmer temps. Funny, but Honey doesn’t mind the cold. I guess you don’t either, Clowie. I’m jealous of your lovely coat.

  12. Well, it may not have been as easy as you thought but the final photo is fabulous!

    • Thank you. Somehow it got a lot easier when we found a new place, 10 feet from the water and not covered in ice to pose at. :)

  13. Honey looks lovely in that last photo…Is taken at the top of the falls fro the other side? Trying to match the location to the first pictures…Giz has figured out that when momz uses the flashy box there’s usually cookies in the offing so he’s learned to pose nicely…but I’ve taken thousands of pictures of the poor guy so he’s had plenty of time to get used to it

    • The final picture was taken at the mouth of the gorge. The falls in the first few pictures is at the back of the mile-long gorge. This pictures gives you an idea of what the area looks like from above:

      I’ve also been free with the cookies. But Honey has never enjoyed it. Gizmo looks much more tolerant than Honey. Perhaps your cookies are better? :)

  14. It may have taken you a while to get there, but your end result was wonderful! I think we all strive to even get to close to what we see on Tales and Tails. I wonder how many takes she has before she gets her final perfect shot? :)

    • She can’t take too long. After all, she has a full time job, a blog to write, people to visit all over the internet, and 4 dogs to take care of. :)

      Maybe we could convince her to part with some of her secrets.

  15. She finally posed and looks wonderful.
    Licks and RRRRufffffffs

  16. How did Mike do it? Was there a bikkie dangling in front of her that’s been photoshopped out? We spent an hour trying to get a family picture in font of our Christmas tree. We have some hilarious out takes and not a single posed shot.

    • Funny, but once we found a new spot and weren’t sliding on the ice at the top of the precipice, she settled right now.

      Oh, and ice, that’s the stuff Australians put in their cold drinks. Those of us far north of the Equator also use it to walk and drive on at least 4 months out of the year. :)

  17. What a lovely site. And it is always better with a dog. I did not know they were higher. Very interesting.

    • It’s like an optical illusion. The Niagara River is so huge that the width of the falls convinces you they’re higher than they are.

      It’s an awfully pretty place to explore.

  18. That is so funny. Love the photos – esp’y the 2nd one. I’ve always wanted to visit the Finger Lakes! Maybe some day when we are retired…

  19. How in the world do you expect to get her to smile if she’s thinking about Fleas??? :)

  20. I wonder if Honey is thinking, ” What’s all the fuss about the scenery? Isn’t it all about me?”

  21. I feel the same way…I look at all the other bloggers and their stunning photo’s and then their’s me…ha…even went and bought myself a decent camera…would help if I learned more how to use it properly but oh well. I personally, LOVED the poses that show the uncooperative side…makes me feel better – ha! You’re soooo not alone :) BOL
    Beautiful scenery – wow am I jealous!!!

  22. Late to the party but love the “wordless” Wednesday scoop on those “perfect” photos we see. Recently, Justus and my Beagle Annie had a photo shoot with a photog friend. Squeek a squeekie and Justus is putty in your hands – he was great. You get one shot, maybe, with Annie the Energizer Beagle; she is too interested in any and everything to be still for long. Am patiently awaiting the results.
    Your result was lovely – good girl, Honey and much patience on behalf of your mum and dad.

  23. Hey…that last one came out nice! Did you glue her down? :-)

    What a gorgeous set of water falls! How awesome to have access to places like that to hike.

  24. I love this post, because I’m always wondering how Carrie makes it look so easy, too! And I love her props. She has the best photo props, EVER!

    Getting Buster and Ty to pose was a major project when we first started. Now they’re pretty used to it, and know that picture time is promptly followed by treat time. They even know the command “Pay Attention” which means look at the camera – though, like most commands, they don’t always do it. 😉

  25. Ha ha ha! I love the backdrop and visiting those falls would totally suck me in! For taking outdoor shots, like when we hike, I try not to fuss too much with getting them posed. They always do better for me if they’re comfortable. That’s not to say that I don’t work a minute or two to get them into the place I want, but I try not to overdo it. Even at home, if I fuss too much, Bunny will shut down and then all I get is a mopey look or the hairy eyeball!

    I’ve been reminding myself for a week to come find this post since I accidentally marked it as read!