Should I Dog? Or Should I Blog?

On a bad day I ask myself, why do I blog about my dog? If I love my dog, shouldn’t I spend more time with her and less time writing about her?

Honey the golden retriever dog looks at a blog.

What’s so exciting about this blogging stuff?

If I think about it a while, I realize it’s not the blog that keeps me from spending more time with Honey. Instead, it’s mindless time on Facebook, obsessive checking of email, and other monumental time wasters.

And when I think about it more, I think of all the benefits I receive from blogging about Honey.

  • I “meet” other wonderful dog lovers from all over the world.
  • I learn more about dogs.
  • I have time to reflect on my relationship with my best girl.


The Boston terrier thinks the computer is boring.

You and I don’t always see things the same way, but I must admit, Honey, blogging is boring.

I’m still struggling to get back onto my regular blogging schedule. But the many benefits of writing Something Wagging This Way Comes convinces me I should keep pushing along.

Should I blog? Probably. At least for now.

And should I dog? Most definitely.

Honey the golden retriever starts a blog.

Maybe I should start a blog of my own.

Update: Reading the comments to my post Sometimes You Train the Dog; Sometimes the Dog Trains You made me realize I didn’t explain something properly.

Honey doesn’t stay outside because she’s still playing or lying in a sunspot. She sits just outside the door staring at me. It’s almost as if she is saying, “I’ll come in. But I really think I need a treat first.”

The comments had lots of wonderful suggestions and a few people shared that Honey isn’t the only dog reluctant to come inside without a yummy enticement.

I really liked Julie’s suggestion that we make a game out of clicking for fast passages through the door. Hopefully we’ll get Honey excited about coming inside when I call her. At least before the weather gets too much colder.

Thanks to everyone for your smart advice and funny comments.

Your Turn: If you blog or spend time on social media, do you feel guilty about taking time away from your dog? Or is there something else in your life that prevents you from spending more time with your furry family members?

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  1. The computer is definitely the biggest time suck in my life, esp. Facebook. Even when I am consciously sitting there thinking about what a time waste it is, I still do it! But I enjoy my blog, 1) because it gives me a great history of my life with my dogs. So many of those days and silly memories would be lost to a faulty memory otherwise. 2) I really do enjoy the sense of community we bloggers seem to have. 3) It’s a real treat when I actually meet a blogger I’ve been reading (So sorry I missed you in Ithaca this summer ! I didn’t know!)

    However, I recently had an unintended break from blogging, and I must say it felt good. No pressure to take photos, no pressure to get a post out there, and less time sitting.

  2. I totally agree with everything, and do feel exactly the same way. But one benefit is also that I do more with my dogs because of blogging. I used to be far lazier about walking and playing with the dogs, but other pet blogs reminded me how important those things are for them, and they keep me motivated to continue to get out there and moving with them. I also learn lots of other things beneficial to my dogs. I know I don’t have to write a blog to learn this things, but if I didn’t write, I probably wouldn’t read as many blogs either. I’d go back to reading mindless romance novels. :)
    What suffers the worst from my time on blogs/social media isn’t the dogs, but my house. I used to be obsessed with housework, but now it’s a disaster. :)

  3. It’s hard to get a balance sometimes. I agree with the comments above about using the blog as a reflection tool and about the sense of community.

  4. Well, I am sitting here with both dogs on my lap as I visit other blogs. So i think they are OK with things.

  5. Mom has had similar thoughts about how much time she spends on the computer because of my blog and social media but then she realized that because of the blog and social media, she actually does more things with us, takes us more places, and has so many great photos of us that she would not have without all that. If she didn’t have the blog and stuff, she would most likely find something else to do on the computer, so for now we have accepted it as a good thing.

  6. I could not have said it any better than you, Taryn, or Jan K; nor could I have summed it up any better than Misaki. As for having the dogs in my lap? Well, other than during a thunderstorm, neither Callie nor Shadow think of themselves as lapdogs — thank goodness — and Ducky is still spending her days at daycare but she loves her Daddy’s lap! I guess mine is a bit too small for her.

    Anyway, as you know, I started my blog for ME, so I could have some kind of journal of my life with Callie and Shadow. I sometimes wish I’d started blogging back when they were puppies, but I’m not even sure WordPress was even around yet, or even Blogger. That’s okay…I have loads of pix of their puppyhoods. And Ducky’s life with us is on my blog, so I won’t lose it to faulty memory, as Taryn said.

    Now I need to clean the house before it becomes a “disaster”. UGH! I hate housework! :-(

  7. Oh, I think blogging, and the support I get from you guys, is the only thing keeping me sane with Silas. I blog *so* I have the resources to keep “dogging.”

  8. Blogging and reading others’ blogs really does take a lot of time. But I do enjoy it. It is just a matter of finding the right balance. I still haven’t found the right balance, but I keep trying.

  9. Thanks for explaining about Honey. I pictured her standing off somewhere in the yard like Toby does. :-)

    As for this post, i’ve come to a similar conclusion as of late. I want to cut down my internet time, but I enjoy the blogging community too much to let go, and I enjoy sharing my stories about my own dogs. When things are going wrong, you never know who you might help who’s going through similar issues, and when you find fun things to talk about, you never know who you might inspire to do more fun things with their dog.

    So instead, I gave up a forum I wasn’t posting much on, I put a temporary “away” type message on my twitter account, which I also wasn’t posting much on, and biggest of all, I’m taking a temporary break from Facebook – which, at least to me, is the biggest time suck on the planet. But blogging and reading other blogs, I will continue to do. :-)

  10. Yeah, it’s a fine line I balance between dog time and social media time. There are days when the pendulum swings farther in one direction or the other, but I think they balance out. I’ve really been feeling bad that I just can’t get around to certain things online lately. If you don’t go out and live real life, you don’t have a lot to write about, though.

  11. I think I’ve found a pretty good balance with blogging 3 days a week, blogging during the dogs downtime and “after hours.” I’m not one for schedules but the dogs and I have a vague one now, because blogging was taking too much time. And there are still days like Houndstooth said sometimes it’s more one way or the other. I still find it hard to get it all done. And yes, I used to feel guilty and still sometimes do for not spending the time with the dogs when I’m blogging, but really this is what has helped me through those really rough times is being to put it “down on paper.” So that I can sort out what is going on and what to do different and the feedback has always been so positive that it helps me keep moving along. And I love being able to share the successes that happen.

    Honestly I can’t stand computers but I really enjoy the the journal we’ve created and what feels like a special time in our lives with 6 related dogs. That can’t be beat! :)

  12. I have to say blogging takes a back seat when something more important comes along, and right now I am so pleased that it was neglected for months while I enjoyed every second of living with OH and BD, had I known that we didn’t have forever I would have spent even more time with them both.
    However, we have to do things for ourselves and giving Honey some time to amuse herself, and you getting the release/support/whatever that blogging gives you is in no way a bad thing.
    I think you just need to listen to whatever you are being told at the moment, go with your gut feeling, if it’s telling you to spend more time with Honey they do it, we will be here when you get back, if it is telling you to change direction then what’s the harm in trying it? Maybe a series more away from Honey? If you don’t you will always wonder what if and if you haven’t been true to your gut feeling and yourself you will be disappointed.