Shopping In Fuzzy Slippers With Honey

Honey’s Yard Sale has been great fun. So far we’ve raised over $50 for the Tompkins County SPCA and seen our favorite dog things go to people who will love them as much as we have.

The only thing better would be to sell the last items to fuzzy slipper shoppers.

Honey the golden retriever with bike cart.

I sure hope some local buys the bike cart. I’d hate to think they’ll try to bring it on the boat with us.

Honey Shopper Network

If you haven’t had time to check out Honey’s Yard Sale yet, we’re coming to you.

Many items have already sold but we have some really sweet pieces and books still available. And you don’t even have to put your shoes on to see them.

Here are a few highlights:

You can see close-ups of the images here.

You can read descriptions and see everything that’s left for sale by visiting the Honey’s Yard Sale site.

But don’t wait. I’ll be ending Honey’s Yard Sale on Monday.

Please note that I cannot send heavy items to Canada. If you have any questions or trouble placing an order, contact me.

And thanks to everyone who has supported the SPCA of Tompkins County while helping us pare down our stuff.

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  1. I bet there will be some fuzzy slipper shoppers out this long weekend!

  2. How did you know? I actually went on line this morning to buy a new pair of fuzzy slippers. Sold out until fall. The dog art prints by Carol Saxe are great. She has a great assortment of prints at her web page.

    • Yes, I love that an artist has used dogs at the beach as so much inspiration for her work.

      If you were disappointed by not being able to get fuzzy slippers, I hope your package arrived successfully on Saturday.

  3. As I follow in your footsteps trying to get out of Virginia, the one thing I cannot do is start buying more stuff :)