Shivering in the Rain Today to Have a Great Dog Later

Why was I standing in the freezing rain while a ten pound pup raced around and around the yard?


  • rushing right inside after your puppy pees will just teach her to “hold it” to keep from going inside before she’s ready
  • Honey had been cooped up in my office most of the day and needed to let off some excess energy
  • a little rain never hurt anyone–especially a young pup in love with life
  • I want Honey to trust me to be ready for fun when she is
  • the dog she will become is being formed by the puppy who needs to know I pay attention to what she loves even if it’s not convenient to me at the moment.

(This post is written with thanks to Victoria Schade for writing Bonding With Your Dog: A Trainer’s Secrets for Building a Better Relationship which inspired me to play in the rain with a pup instead of scooping her up to go back to the warm house.)

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