Sharing the Love

Vicky, from Paw Print City Times, has awarded me a Stylish Blogger Award. I am very thankful to her for the kind thoughts. Especially since I started following her blog reluctantly.

You see, I worry about all the time I spend on the computer. And I know that if I read and follow too many blogs, I’ll begin to neglect my Hubby and my Honey. So when I find a new blog, I look for reasons not to follow it. Y’know, to keep my schedule free.

The first time I visited Paw Print City Times, I thought it looked adorable. Check it out. It’s just beautiful and very well-designed.

And then I started poking around and reading her posts. And they’re wonderfully written with a lot of charm. Damn, another blog for my feed reader.

So thank you, Vicky, for the award. And for the wonderful blog posts I look forward to reading.

The responsibilities that accompany this award are:

  • thank the blogger who gave the award (check)
  • share 7 things about yourself/your pets (coming up next)
  • pass the award onto 15 other bloggers (and I’m working on it).

7 Things about Pam and Honey:

  1. I love to swim; Honey the Golden Retriever does not.
  2. Our compromise is to kayak. Honey rides in the cockpit with me.
  3. I love talky, character-driven movies where nothing much happens, like My Dinner with Andre or Wings of Desire or The Straight Story. Honey likes any movie with dogs in it.
  4. By my 21st birthday, I had visited 11 countries but only 5 U.S. states. Since we’re taking up sailing, I hope Honey can say the same thing when she’s 21 years old.
  5. I named my first (male) dog Duchess for the Mama Cat in the Aristocats. Honey has not yet named her first dog.
  6. I have never drunk a cup of coffee, ever. Neither has Honey.
  7. Sitting on the beach in the sun makes my heart swell with joy. Sitting on the beach in the sun makes Honey want to dig.

15 Blogs I’m Passing the Award on to (in almost alphabetical order):

  1. Barking Out Loud
  2. Boulder Dog
  3. Champion of My Heart
  4. How Sam Sees It
  5. I Still Want More Puppies
  6. Life Spent Wagging
  7. Little Dogs on Long Leashes
  8. Oh My Dog!
  9. Paws to Rufflect with Kahuna’s K9s
  10. A Poodle and a Pit Bull
  11. The Poodle (and Dog) Blog
  12. Rescued Insanity
  13. The (mis)Adventures of Sage
  14. Urban Canines
  15. Will My Dog Hate Me?

Some are poignant, some are funny, some are smart. All have something interesting to say about people and their dogs. Congratulations to you all. And don’t forget to share the love by passing the award along to 15 bloggers after sharing your 7 things.

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  1. Yoohoo! Here I am and if I type very fast and don;t edit too much, it l,ooks like I’ll be first here to thank you! let me preface by apologising for the typo errors.

    You’re too kind! You know I love your blog and YOU sound really lovely too [also a bit creepy since you’re an adult who’s never had a cup of coffee and named a male dog Duchess]. So I’m pleased as punch to be receiving the Stylish from you. On Oscars day too :) mwah* mwah*

    I shall shortly get to sharing the love. I see some blogs on your list that I don’t know about, so it looks like I’ll soon be having even bigger bags under my eyes from reading even more great blogs. YAY? :) xox

    • I knew you’d be the first to stop by. Here in the states, everyone who isn’t going to bed is watching the Oscars. So you see, you didn’t have to type so fast after all. You had plenty of time. Of course, I don’t have a TV so I’m off to bed.

      In my defense for being a little creepy, I didn’t know Duchess was a girl’s name at 5 years old. However, Duchess was a very aggressive dog. I wonder if he had a little bit of “Boy Named Sue” syndrome going on. And it was all my fault.

      Since I sleep about 5-6 hours a night without a coffee habit, I think it would be dangerous to take it up now. We don’t want to be too productive now, do we?

  2. I’ve never drunk a cup of coffee, either! Maybe that’s one of the reasons I like you! I thought your seven things were great.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who looks for reasons not to follow blogs, too! lol

    • I think it’s funny that you try not to follow too many blogs. I sometimes feel like I’m following a trail of breadcrumbs dropped by houndstooth. You get everywhere before me. :)

      Oh, and it’s nice to know I’m not the only non-coffee drinker. I sometimes feel like a teetotaler in a room of addicts.

  3. Congratulations for the award! I see we both know a lot of great blogs. Don’t worry about following too many. Here’s my little way of coping: I read news from the first third in my list today, another third tomorrow and so on.
    And the coffee thing is funny, I only had one cup in my life and that was for the “gotta try anything once in life” idea.

    • Ooh, Lavi, what a balanced and reasonable way to read blogs. The hard part is that people just keep on writing good stuff and it’s hard to keep up.

  4. Aw thanks!

    The pups will be *so* excited to hear someone thinks we’re stylish! So exciting to get an award on award night! Woohoo!

    I’ve had coffee – but I’ve got a sensitivity to caffeine, so never again!

  5. Thanks for the award and thinking of us!

  6. Thank you and thanks to the Academy…no, wait…
    I wish my life wasn’t so dull and boring and I could think of seven interesting things that my readers don’t already know about me.

  7. What an awesome idea! Love this and thanks for including us as one of the blogs you chose to pass this on to! I will definitely be continuing this today!

    • Can’t wait to see who’s on your list Erica. The hard part is keeping it to 15. And then remembering someone else you wanted to add right after hitting “publish.”

  8. Thank you so much for the award! It’s a lovely honour to be considered stylish, especially as I am currently sporting a tiny stain on my cardigan that I hope no one at work will notice.

    You make me laugh. But it’s true. There are already so many blogs in my reader and I am already weeks behind, the idea of adding more does seem a little masochistic. But I can’t help but check out the ones you have named here.

    I loved the movie Artisocats! I love even more than you named a male dog Duchess. :-) Happy Monday!

  9. Btdubbs – I totally love PPCT’s site too! It’s adorable and fun to click on stuff!

  10. Oh, man! The pressure, the pressure … I tell you. Thanks for the shout out.

  11. Congrats on your award! And thank you so much for passing it on to me – I am really humbled! :)

  12. Wow! Thank you so much! That was such an unexpected surprise. The boys are very excited to receive their first-ever award! Thank you!


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