Scratch and Sniff Dog – Wordless Wednesday

I need some clever geek to invent something—a scratch and sniff app for computers.

You see, Honey just had a bath. She smells wonderful. And she feels even better.

So soft.

Heck, maybe it’s a hidden feature of WordPress and I never realized it. So go ahead. Scratch and sniff. And tell me Honey is beautiful.

Honey the golden retriever just had a bath.

Putting up with a bath is no problem if it results in lots of scratchies.


Your Turn: If you had a scratch and sniff feature on your computer, would you use it?
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  1. I can almost smell you through the computer. We dont like baths, but we love the way we feel after!

  2. Honey sure does look beautiful and she smells so clean and fresh. But don’t worry…it probably won’t last long. BOL Happy WW

    • Yeah, she only got the bath because she rolled in something that died in the day lilies.

      I’d better watch she doesn’t go back for another roll or all my work will be wasted. :)

  3. Honey is absolutely beautiful…scratch & sniff…I don’t know, maybe for foods and stuff that smells yummy.

  4. Honey always looks good! She’s got such a sweet face…

  5. Looking pawsitively beautiful! And smelling wonderful too 😉

  6. I may use that feature if puppy breath was an option…

    Honey looks so fluffy and shiny! I haven’t bathed Blueberry in months. She just hates it so much and it’s such a battle that I gave up. As long as I can get her to go in the sprinklers (treats help) to hose her down a bit, she doesn’t smell. Unless she rolls in something truly offensive – she may never get another bath. :)

  7. I remember on April Fool’s Day, Google posted about some of the new apps they were getting ready to release…one was a search engine based on smell!

  8. I know what I wouldn’t use it for, smells that my dogs find irresistible: dead things, dog butts, garbage…

  9. Honey is beautiful! This reminds me that Maya and Pierson need a bath.

  10. There is something wonderful you have to catch quickly in our house about that post bath scent and feel.

  11. I’ve been saying for a couple years we need a scratch and sniff monitor, but no one has come up with one yet!

  12. She looks lovely! Reminds me that Rita needs a bath… They always smell so nice after! (Until they find something nasty to roll in and get all that good clean smell off!)

  13. Honey is DEFINITELY beautiful!

  14. She looks like she smells good. The trick is not smelling good, it’s smelling good for more than a day!! The poodle is so soft and smells so good and he can’t wait to wallow in something to remove that icky soap smell! LeeAnna and Cole on not afraid of color

  15. I love the way they smell and feel after a bath.

  16. I don’t think there is a better feeling or smell than a freshly washed dog – Pity they don’t stay that way for long!!

  17. Honey looks lovely! They always say that I feel much nicer after a bath. I usually get more attention from people we meet. But I’m not so keen on smelling of shampoo – I’m on the lookout for something to roll in for a few days!

  18. Honey looks beautiful! I will just imagine that she is as soft as Sheba after her bath, and smells just the same.