Say Hello To My Little Friend – Wordless Wednesday

When on a walk, you need to pay attention to your surroundings.

You never know who you’ll meet.

Small gnome at the base of a tree.

There’s something under that tree.

Gnome at base of tree in close-up.

I’m not sure what it is. Maybe I’d better go in for a sniff and a closer look.

Honey the golden retriever says hello to a gnome.

Oh, hello little friend.

Who’s the last magical creature you met on your walk?

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  1. I can honestly say, I don’t think I’ve ever met any magical little people. But just because you posted this adorable WW story, I will be searching for one LOL Stay tuned…

    • Ithaca is full of magical little people. I find them in fairy houses and gnome homes all over town.

      Somehow I suspect that the farther south you go, the less likely you are to find them. Certain people probably find little magic people sacrilegious. I’m too polite to ask what little magic people think of us. :)

  2. Gnomes have a whole different meaning in my neighborhood. Rumor ( I certainly don’t know this first hand!!!!!!!!!) has it that garden gnomes are used by the “swingers set” to indicate members of that “club”. Cute as they are, you will never see a garden gnome decorating my yard! LOL!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. We usually just see critters…last week we encountered a big green grasshopper…or something that looked like a grasshopper. Jack ate him.

  4. We have a little fox friend that comes around the RV. Not exactly something we see when walking, but fun all the same.

  5. We had a recent encounter with a frog …who didn’t turn into a prince. But then nobody kissed him.

  6. We walk through some “odd” neighborhoods sometimes and several homes have these little animal set ups under trees, very strange!

    • Scandinavian countries tend to do this too. Maybe it’s a way of helping the winter to go faster. I bet you are seeing them in Minnesota and not Florida, right?

  7. Mauja and Atka met one of those large inflatable Santa lawn ornaments. They were terrified.

    We had to cross the street.

  8. BOL Kilo would be chomping on that little guy in a second!

  9. We saw a fairy tree once. A little door at the bottom with a wee welcome sign So sweet.

    • We see quite a few of them in our neighborhood. In my reading, fairies are temperamental creatures with a strange sense of humor. I wonder if we really want to encourage them as neighbors? :)

  10. Every so often we’ll see a deer when out on a walk. Most of the time I’m lucky and I’m the only one that sees it! The time Sheba did, she was good, she didn’t try to chase it, but she had to follow it’s trail after that, nose to the ground, dragging me along behind!

  11. Oh, look at that! This makes me want to go on walkies, now! *wags* – Gilligan from

  12. Isn’t he cute!