Sad Honey

Honey the Golden Retriever rests on her stuffed lamb.

I miss my family. It’s a good thing lamby didn’t abandon me or I’d have nowhere to rest my chin.

Your Turn: What causes your dog to put on a sad face?

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  1. When I want to play and Jen won’t play with me.

  2. I get the same sad face from Frankie if I take Beryl in the car and he has to stay home. If I take Frankie and leave Beryl home her expression is a mixture of shock, horror and disbelief followed by a full blown stink eye! I’m glad you’ve got Lamby to keep you company Honey.

  3. I understand. We have a ton of fun when Mom first goes away, but then we sit at the door waiting for her to come back. She will be back before you know it!

  4. Awwww!!! Poor peanut. They’ll be home soon sweetie.

  5. Awww, poor Honey. Your friends — Callie and Shadow — put on the sad face every time their Dad and I leave the house. Even though they have each other, they want to be with us all the time. And Ducky puts on a sad face if I attach her leash to her collar…She would much rather run around unencumbered! But who could blame her? Mom and Dad will be home soon, Honey. Then you can put on your happy face and wiggle that cute little butt of yours again.

  6. My guys give sad faces when the human dinner is over and all chances of a bite are gone.

  7. The Poodles can turn on sad faces at a moment’s notice but I’m not sure they are sincere.

  8. Every time we have to leave the house! What a guilt trip. sniff sniff.

  9. When I zip home from work and then zip right out again!

  10. What a sweet sad face. I’m sure Honey is in good hands. Maya has a deceptively sad look sometimes, especially when she is sleeping. But just say her name and she is all smiles.

  11. Baths, coming inside if there is snow on the ground, being left at home when another dog is going on an adventure. Cute picture!

  12. Hmmmm….I suspect Pamela didn’t REALLY post this.

    Poor sweet Honey. Don’t be sad. When the parents are away the pups will play! So go play and have a party until they get back. THEN act sad so they feel bad and spoil you. :-)

  13. Honey, I bet your Mom and Dad miss you just as much as you miss them (maybe more). We often get that look when leaving for work, and also when we don’t have time to play ball!

  14. With Georgia, I think it’s life. She has a sad face and only perks up at mealtimes or in the presence of treats. It’s awful having a sad dog. People think you’re mean to the dog.