Review – By Nature Dog Treats

A representative of the By Nature pet food company contacted me to ask if I’d review their dog food or treats. Honey’s breeder specified her food in our contract but after reviewing the product information at the website, I agreed to try the treats.

Of course, I wondered if I could actually write an impartial review. After all, before the treats arrived, I knew Honey would love them. This is the dog who likes grapefruit, blueberries, cherries, carrots, pumpkin, squash and all kinds of other foods most dogs would turn their noses up at. But I decided to ponder the question while waiting for the treats to arrive.

Smiling Golden Retriever

I'm impartial. I'll eat anything.

Of course, I wasn’t expecting 24 bags of treats to arrive on my doorstep! By Nature, I think you overdid it a bit.

But it did give me a chance to find some fussier dogs (and people) to see if the treats really are as good as Honey seems to think they are.

So here’s what I heard from my panel of treat tasting experts:

Tony the miniature Schnauzer liked both the Spiced Molasses and Mixed Berries treats. Tony’s human, however, tells me he likes everything. Tony’s brother, English Mastiff Zeus, is the fussy one–and he liked the treats too. And the cats? They licked up the crumbs.

Haleigh reported that her dogs, Simon and Pollux, were a bit suspicious of the smell. They gave it a good sniffing before taking their first bite. But after trying it, both dogs couldn’t get enough of the treats.

Brody actually changed his behavior for the treats. Brody’s human, Erin, reports that Brody runs down the fields to Erin’s mom’s house every morning looking for treats and attention. But after trying the By Nature treats, Brody decided to hang around his own house instead. (Note to researchers, you may want to investigate yummy biscuits as a cure for infidelity.)

Sandy decided to test the preferences of Sam, Jet, and Gypsy scientifically. Sandy put a mixed berry biscuit in one hand and a spiced molasses biscuit in the other before closing her fingers tight so the dogs couldn’t grab them. Jet and Gypsy, the Australian Shepherds, showed a strong preference for the spiced molasses flavor and tried to force their noses into Sandy’s hands. Sam was happy to take whatever he could get.

And Honey? As expected, she loved both flavors. I put the biscuits into a rubber, holey ball for Honey to play with when I return to work after lunch.

I liked the ingredient list which reads like something I would eat myself. The Spiced Molasses treats are made with rice, chicken, barley, dried carrots, cinnamon, turmeric, and lots of vitamins.

In my part of upstate NY, By Nature treats and dog food are sold at local farm supply stores. They are a division of Blue Seal products which makes horse feed. By Nature also makes an Organic dog food in both dry and canned versions.

Would you like to try By Nature treats? I’ll send a bag to four lucky winners who comment here to tell us what your dog’s favorite treat is. I’ll announce the winner on Monday.

Winners will be selected randomly and must live in the contiguous 48 United States (Sorry, I ran into all kinds of bureaucracy when I investigated mailing dog treats to international addresses.)

Becoming a Fan on Facebook or subscribing to Something Wagging This Way Comes by email or feed reader won’t increase your chances of winning but, who knows, they may cause good karma.

I received free samples of By Nature dog treats from the company to review. I did not receive any payment to write this review.

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  1. Our dogs love all sorts of treats, but things with peanut butter seem to be popular. We just got a bag of their food in the mail to review, and after the initial reaction today, I think we’ll be writing a positive review, too! I’m sure the girls would love to try the treats, too!

  2. Bella’s favorite treat is human foods-hot dogs, tater tots, ect. She does not usually like dog treats that much.

    Daisy loves anything-more if it is a treat i’m trying to give Bella. LOL both the girls would love to try them!

  3. Emma will eat *anything*. If I offer something to her, she will try to eat it without worrying about sniffing or tasting. Even if it’s something usually considered inedible. I used to think Charlie was food motivated – she outdoes even him! I’ve never seen her turn her nose up to anything or even hesitate. Raw fish, any fruit/vegetable, any fruit/vegetable peel or pit, rabbit food, cat litter (sans kitty crunchies), you name it, she’ll eat it. Bad part is that she’s allergic to most of it =-/.

  4. Chance and Blaze will eat any kind of vegetable or human food along with any kind of dog treat. The Back are a bit more particular, but one thing they all agree on is peanut butter. Since my husband eats so much of he saves the jars and when he has six he gives them to dogs for a snack to lick clean. I’d be curious to see how they would take to Molasses and Mixed berry treats. Never heard of such a thing!! :)

    • We rely on doggie power to clean out our peanut butter jars for the recycling bin. Tongues do a much better job than any dishwasher.

  5. Flash and Arwin love almost anything with special attention given to ‘people food’. Of commercially prepared treats, they seem to enjoy Pro- Treat’s freeze dried liver the most.

  6. My Dogs favorite treat is cheese! These By Nature Dog Treats sound wonderful. Love the all natural ingrediant list. I’m always looking for healthy treats for my dogs. I love them more than words can say! :-)