Rescue Dogs Show Off at Crufts

Crufts, Meet Scruffts

Golden Retriever playing mini golf

Agility, schmagility. When can I compete in mini golf?

Some of the best dogs in the world never knew their fathers.

Rescue dogs bring heart, hope, and even speed to one of the largest dog shows in the world when they show off their agility skills.

I don’t usually post such long videos on Friday. But you’ll find inspiring pups all the way through:

  • at 4:33 meet Douglas the tripawd dog
  • you’ll love excitable Tilly at 6:10
  • Dudley runs the course with one eye at 9:25
  • and at 10:12 a fearful Staffordshire shows a bad start in life can turn out all right in the end

I dare you to watch this without smiling.


Wasn’t that great?

Some dogs were serious competitors. Others did it just for fun. But they all showed the wonderful variety of dogs available for adoption at rescues and shelters.

What do you think? Do demonstrations like this convince pedigree dog fans to consider rescue?

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  1. Wow there are some excited pups having real fun. Nice one! Great to see them enjoying it. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. These dogs are great and so are the human handlers working with them…I’m not sure if this can change the mind of diehard breed devotees, but for the average family considering getting a dog, demonstrations like this might just tip the scale in favor of rescue…at least i hope so

  3. Utterly fabulous (although I’m sure you knew I’d approve of this one :) ). This is such a brilliant way to show how awesome rescues can be.

  4. Oh, I loved them all but Widget stole my heart on her way through the weave poles. :)

    Very impressed with the young handler in that last group, too.

    Respect to Crufts for doing this.

  5. Wow those dogs are amazing! Every time I see a video like that I wanna get my pups out into some agility classes–but it would be tough finding one that would take them! Very sweet.

  6. I LOVE the first line of this post! :) The video was great too! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Awwww. So cute. Of course, I would never succeed as an agility judge, because I think they’re cuter when they *don’t* make it. “You want me to try again? OK!”

  8. I hope they do! I love when non-traditional, mixed breed dogs are involved in events like this. There aren’t enough of them out there, in my opinion. People seem to have an idea that rescue dogs can’t be trained for sports like agility and I love that organizers actually worked hard to showcase how wrong that theory is.

    I have seen the video before but it never gets old!

  9. I am constantly amazed by how those dogs run blindly through the ‘flat’ tunnel, not really knowing what’s on the other side. Such trust! Loved it thanks for sharing!

  10. Great video…agility always impresses me, rescue dogs or not. I do hope things like this help others consider rescue too. Even if you have your heart set on a certain breed, you can still get one through rescue. The only purbred dog club I have experience with is my local Vizsla club, and a lot of the members have a mixed crew in their homes of both pedigreed show dogs and rescues. It helps that the club is heavily involved in rescue, but I like to hope that other clubs and breed fanciers do this too. :-)

  11. One of my favorite events at Crufts. I remember watching it live last year. So amazing what a dog can do when given the chance. I watched the whole thing. It didn’t seem long at all. Thanks Pamela. I loved this one.

  12. That was great! Those little dogs at the end were so cute! The one that went under the pole….too cute. And that one with the really short legs that still flew right over most of them! I love watching agility. It’s amazing how fast some of them are.

  13. That’s a fantastic event! I do think it helps open the eyes of people who have always bought puppies to the other rescue possibilities out there. I’m going to have to make it out to this event some day!