Ready for Summer

Golden Retriever with toy caterpillar

Ahh, it feels good to walk on green grass, er weeds.

I’ve hit the February wall. Biking home from work in the snow last night was it. I’m entering warm weather fantasy land. How about you?

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  1. Woof! Woof!Spring first … LOVE to see the flowers blossom. Happy Blog Paws WW. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. Luckily, we live in California, so we don’t get hit with the cold & snow. But we do get rain – had some yesterday and that puts a damper on the morning runs – can’t run the trails, have to run on the street which is no fun. Look forward to the summer when everything is dry and we can run all through the parks without all the mud.

  3. We’re not…we’re definitely enjoying the cold weather! Down here, summer lasts at least 8 months of the year and it gets to be too much for us.
    Callie and Shadow
    Mom, too

  4. we’re right there with you! Love the photo, keep thinking warm thoughts :)

  5. We just left warm weather land, and are now back in the snow. YUCK. Thankfully, it will only be for a week.

  6. Have a wonderful wordless Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Come on down to Florida…it is like summer all year long (except when it is actually summer – then it feels like you are in a giant oven set at 500 degrees)!

  8. Definitely. Today is the first time I have seen grass in weeks. Unfortunately it is brown, dead grass but it’s still cause for celebration. Let the rainy season begin!

  9. Although its cold here, its been bright and dry. And its great that it’s lighter in the mornings now:-)

  10. I was wondering what happened to winter here lol. It’s been so hot I don’t think we even had winter this year!

  11. Great picture – my golden loves carrying sticks, toys etc. on his walk. We had a “February false spring” here in Sacramento the last few weeks, but now the rain and dreary weather is back.

  12. Our camellia bush and almond tree are blooming, so we have definite signs of spring here. Sending along warming thoughts.

  13. I like that dog toy! Does it squeak? We’re expecting a snow storm here tomorrow… can’t wait until spring!!!

  14. Yes! Bring on Spring ASAP!

  15. Love the pic but can’t believe you bike in the snow.

  16. Thanks for the breath of fresh air and warmth today! I agree…winter, begone!

  17. Warm weather fantasy land makes perfect sense to me! I just don’t need to conjure it up too often because I live in Florida.

  18. Oh, I’m so there with you Pamela. I know the feeling. Is summer ever coming back??? HELP! :)

  19. We’re already pretty warm here. I’m about to enter “Seasonal allergy dread” instead, or “can’t wear enough sunscreen land.”

    Our weather should be good from now until late May, then it will officially be soul-crushingly hot until late October.

  20. I’ve started entertaining warm weather fantasies since November, not going to lie.

  21. Warm thoughts will help. Until then. warm clothes are best. Honey doesn’t need a cost, but I do. Mom puts a really warm coat on me.

    Hug and Woofs, BJ

  22. Sorry. I live in warm weather fantasy land :)

  23. We are ready for spring too! Your fancy toy looks like a bouquet of spring flowers. Love your tail wag!

  24. I’m so ready for winter to be over. I just want to get to March and have some decent days (i.e. above 40) to be outside in.

  25. I’m SO ready for sunshine and 70 degrees :) Love that floofy tail!!

  26. I really can’t complain, but I wish you lots of warm and happy thoughts! I don’t envy your biking in the snow!

  27. Love your big fluffy tail in your photo! We are so waiting for Spring and warm sun…another wind chill factor walk is going to drive me mad!

  28. Spring can’t get here fast enough. The past few days have been very cold :(