Queen of the Hill – Wordless Wednesday

Honey the golden retriever poses pretty.

Am I a pretty Queen of the Hill?


Honey the golden retriever poses on a hill of mulch.

Well then hurry up and take your picture. I’m starting to get a nosebleed from the height.


Your Turn: What silly things do you make your dogs do to get a picture?

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  1. Margaret T says:

    I have been known to put tiny bits of hot dog on the branches of a flowering shrub (non-thorny, though!) to get a head shot of the dog with the flowers.

  2. Here in SoCal, we call that an ‘ant hill’! Great picture- she looks great. And patient.

  3. LOL! Reminds me of the huge wood hip piles we had in the dog park last week. I threw Jasper’s stick to the top so I could grab a picture of him up there. :)

  4. Lol! Love it :) That’s totally something I’d do to Nailah. I’ve made her do some silly things too, too many to count!

  5. Yes, you are the perfect queen.

  6. I needed a picture of Kelly looking into the refrigerator for my book, so I told her to sit, opened the door, stood behind her and threw pieces of cheese into the fridge. It actually worked!

  7. You are the prettiest Queen of the Hill we have seen!

    Monty and Harlow

  8. Funny, I did the same as Peggy with Rita – put some cheese on a shelf in the fridge to get her to look in the fridge! Great pic of Honey, but I bet she never takes a bad photo!

  9. Silly things… oh, jeez…. well, there was Newt’s pilgrim hat. :) Our go-to move is for me to hold a piece of cheese above John’s head while he snaps the pic to make them appear to be looking at the camera.

  10. Long ago I discovered that none of my pictures were worth 1000 words and gave up my dream of being a photojournalist who changed the world. Any picture I take now is with my camera phone and usually too blurry to be saved. I guess my dogs are lucky, at least in respect to being subjected to some humiliating photoshoots.

  11. what a sweetheart, love it!

  12. We do all kinds of silly stuff. It just depends on what Mom sees when we are out and her imagination and then I end up in a photo shoot.

  13. haha. Cute. My dog sits next to our tree in the front yard. He hill isn’t as big.
    My blogpaws ww entry is #110. Come by and vote for us 1 last time?

  14. I don’t have to make the girls do anything silly to get a picture — I like the “candid camera” shots where I catch them in the act of being themselves. For a professional-looking shot, I’ll send a bunch of pix to AJ or someone else. :-)

  15. You indeed do make a pretty queen. :)