Puppy Socialization – You Can't Remember Everything!

I worked very hard to expose Honey to many different things in her early puppyhood. We wanted her to be socialized to accept just about anything in stride. And she seemed to be fearless. It was rare to see Honey startled by anything–sirens, thunder, fireworks, power tools.

But on a recent camping trip, we discovered one thing we forgot to include in our socialization exercises: a fluttering tarp. Whod’ve thought?

And at a campsite, on the shores of a major river, with wind and rain expected, you’re gonna have a fluttering tarp.


Campsite courtesy of the King O'Tarps, my husband.

Which is why Honey has been getting dog cookies and hot dogs while practicing her sit stay near the tarp I’m drying on the clothesline.

Golden Retriever Puppy Sitting Pretty

I'll sit. I'll stay. But I won't like it. That tarp might try to eat me.

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  1. That would have sent Luna running for the hills.

    I have had a few blog friends mention that they have not been receiving updates from our blog, so please make sure that you are using the following link for updates: http://www.dogbloggingwithluna.com/blog/

    Elizabeth & Luna

    • I’ll tell Honey so she doesn’t feel so self-conscious.

      Thanks for the reminder to change my blogroll link. I’ve updated my personal feeds but may need to do some maintenance on my site.