Puppy No More – Wordless Wednesday

Honey turns 3 on Saturday!


Honey the Golden Retriever grows up.

Honey grows up

How should we celebrate Honey’s big day?

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  1. Honey was an adorable puppy (they all are but Golden’s are just so sweet and pretty)…Gizmo votes for her getting to go on her favorite off-leash romp till she’s totally worn out and then home for great treats and some special petting time

  2. They do grow so fast! My golden went from about 13 lbs when we got him to 70+ now (at 9 1/2 months!) Those fluffy little puppy pictures are too adorable.

  3. And hasn’t she grown into beautiful dog.

  4. Aw… what a sweet little puppy and she’s grown into a beautiful girl. Happy Birthday a little early!

  5. Happy Birthday, Honey! What a cute pup! I think celebrations should be similar to Rita’s recent Gotcha Day – a long walk, a long nap and LOTS of treats and tummy rubs!

  6. I think Honey would like to go on her favourite walk and have lots of treats.

    Have a lovely day whatever you decide to do.

  7. Honey reminds me of the golden I used to have-Simon. He was the best & I still miss him to this day-he lived 12 1/2 wonderful years.
    However Honey spends the day, I know she’ll enjoy it because she spent it with her favorite person–you!

  8. Sue at The Golden Life says:

    I’m with Gizmo — favorite off-leash romp and then home for some really special treats (and maybe a nap in a sunny spot by a window?).

  9. What a big girl! Happy Birthday! Lots of hugs from me!

  10. Awww, happy (early) birthday, Honey! I think Honey should get to do whatever Honey loves best for her birthday and then top it off with her favorite treat. :)

  11. Honey …. well you are just a honey. Have a wonderful wordless Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  12. Woof! Woof! Advance Happy Birthday to adorable Honey. Puppy age 2 is over and for sure you guys have a big plan celebrating Honey’s 3rd Birthday. Happy Blog Paws WW. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  13. Happy birthday Honey! Silas votes for lots of fetch and something especially stinky for dinner.

  14. you should have a BIG pawty!!!!!! With CAKE! doggy cake!

  15. What a beautiful dog. I can’t wait to read about the celebration.

  16. What a beautiful Golden! Happy Birthday, Honey. :-)

  17. Happy Birthday Honey! Seems like all your days are joyful but I hope your birthday is even better.

  18. She has grown into a lovely dog from a very cute puppy and she now rides in the cart! Happy Birthday, Honey!

  19. Honey, you are gorgeous, I think a big Pawty is in order :) xx00xx
    Mollie and Alfie

  20. Wow, the babies do grow up fast. I is so fun to watch them.

  21. From a sweet pup to a lovely dog! Have a Happy Birthday!

  22. When my sister or I have a birthday it is our day. Mom takes us on great walks to places that either we love to go to or somewhere new and exciting and mom bakes for us, usually a cake or pupcakes. Of course, there are some gifts and lots of snuggling as well :)

  23. Happy early Birthday beautiful Honey!

  24. An adventure methinks! Something new and saucy that we can all then go awww and ahhh about. With lots of food at the end of course 😉

  25. Maybe have one of those magic Honey days you were talking about before? I can’t believe she is three! She still has such a puppy face. :-)

  26. You’re having a party right? I would definitely start with her favorite food being fed in her favorite toy. Then a nice long walk where she got to roll in all kinds of fun things, her birthday party and then a good night’s sleep in the human bed. Every dog’s dream. :-)

  27. Happy “Almost” Birthday Honey!

    Honey probably doesn’t want to hear this, but we actually don’t do anything for the dogs’ and cats’ birthdays over here, or their gotcha days for that matter. It’s nothing personal, we really don’t do much for our own either. A card. A dinner out. That’s about it. :-)

  28. Such a cute pooch – awww-dorable. How about playing and extra playing to celebrate – and happy b-day!

  29. A dog party! A big dog party in the top of the tree! To the tree! To the tree!

    Sorry. Go, Dog! Go! Is one of my favorite kids books. Still a good idea. :)

  30. Happy Birthday Honey! I’d hold out for some birthday cake and ice cream!

  31. Aww. They do grow up so fast!

  32. Honey has certainly grown in a beautiful dog! I know you’ll think of fun things to do for her birthday!

  33. Aw, little Honey’s growing up! :)

  34. Happy Birthday Honey – I think you are officially now a grown up!! I hope you have a great day :)

  35. Happy birthday to Honey!! Hope you guys have a big party:-)

  36. Awwww. What a little fluffball she was!

  37. They grow up so fast!

    Stop on the by for a visit

  38. Charlie wanted me to pass on a message:

    Happy birthday! con em into some delicious treats, and the longest walk EVER!!!

    his words, not mine.