Puppy Love on Hulu.com

I don’t have a television (insert gasp here!). TV-free is pretty common where I live but I find it’s shocking to people who live outside my little community.

That doesn’t mean I don’t try to find an occasional entertainment fix, especially one that features puppies (and I don’t care how old they are; they’re all puppies).

I love the mini episodes of Puppy Love available on Hulu.com. Puppy Love was created by Amy B. Harris, one of the writers for Sex and the City.

My favorite episodes are “Upstaged” where a man adopts a dog to meet women and “The Rents” where a woman’s tensions with her parents are played out with the dog. Funny stuff!

Oh, and some of the dog actors belong to the actors or crew. Stay all the way to the end to hear the actors talk about their own dogs as well.

If you hate talky, self-involved people walking around beautiful neighborhoods in NYC with their dogs, don’t bother. For everyone else, check it out here.

Golden Retriever Puppy Sleeping with a Book under Her Paw

Who needs television? I prefer a little light reading before bed.

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  1. We have a tv – one – but rarely ever have it on. Just very little on that we care about. Walks, books and internet provide all of the entertainment we need.

  2. Just from reading your blog, I can see that the Thundering Herd provides plenty of entertainment value! And they don’t even require electricity! Husky power!

  3. Yeah we don’t have TV either. I would NEVER get ANYTHING done if I had one. The internet is bad enough!!! :))

  4. And Erin, you’re raising an impressionable puppy to do an important job. Just think of what a bad influence too much tv could have on Pompei!


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