Puppy Athletes

Thank you to Felissa at Two Little Cavaliers for posting this adorable video. One of my favorite things about dogs is their athleticism. And you get to see it in all its glory at the Puppy World Track and Field Championships.

Of course, my favorite sport is swimming. So I couldn’t allow the track stars to get all the glory. Watch the wet and wild competition at Puppy Games 2008. Sorry, no embedding allowed so you’ll have to go here to watch the competition.

Honey is disappointed baseball is no longer in the Olympics. She’s quite a fielder.

If your dog was an Olympian what would his sport be?

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  1. Baseball is no longer in the Olympics? I didn’t know that. Being Canadian, the summer Olympics don’t do all that much for me anyway. Other than rowing, I don’t pay too much attention.

    Shiva would have a very difficult time choosing just one sport to compete in! Track and field events are where she excels the best. She’s not so much for teamwork. So I’m going to say hurdles. Our brief stint in flyball – how I love that sport – proved she’d be a gold medal winner in any running and jumping event!

    Thanks for the videos. Just so much cuteness on one page!

  2. I lost interest in the Summer Games when they started allowing professionals to play, and with the judging scandal in skating a few games ago, I have no faith in fair play at all. But of course, for us Canadians, there’s always hockey, right??? :)

    Want to hand that little Bichon a glass of red wine and a Gallic sneer… Have an excellent weekend!

  3. The high jump, of course. :)

    Okay, not really. Hmmm, I think JF would be in moguls since he can turn on a dime at high speeds. Dewi? Is rodeo in the olympics? He’d be the bull. :)

    Happy weekend!

  4. There was a story about competitive Poodle grooming once being an Olympic event when the games were held in France. It turns out that the story was an April Fool joke, but it was run in several places as true. The winner was some name like Aprille LaFoule which should have been a clue, but people believe anything about France.

  5. Now THAT’S cute!!! Loved it! I hope you have a great weeknd!

  6. Beryl would probably do the 1000 metres and Frankie the 5000 metres:) Such a cute video. The little Bichon just didn’t want to show the others up I think:)