Puppies in Your Neighborhood – Musical Wordless Wednesday

This post has a soundtrack to play in the background, compliments of Sesame Street.

Honey the Golden Retriever sniffs out a neighbor dog.

There are all kinds of puppies in the neighborhood…


Honey the Golden Retriever spots a Corgi.

There’s one now.


Corgi peers out through the fence.

Let’s have a look at you.


Honey the Golden Retriever loves her Corgi neighbor.

I love meeting my neighbors.


Sing along with us:

Who are the puppies in your neighborhood, in your neighborhood, in your neighborhood
Who are the puppies in the neighborhood
The puppies that you meet each day

The corgi always wants to play
He’s waiting by the fence today
If you want to sniff or chase or run
His yard is where you will have fun

The corgi is a puppy in your neighborhood, in your neighborhood, in your neighborhood
The corgi is a puppy in your neighborhood
He’s the puppy that you meet, when you’re walking down the street
He’s the puppy that you meet each day.

Your Turn: Does your dog have special friends in the neighborhood he likes to visit?
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  1. BOL! So now I’ll be singing this one to Gizmo on our walks and making up our own verses…Thank you I think :)

  2. We love a good sing song. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. That was very cute, awesome post. Now I will be singing all morning.

  4. Lucky!! There aren’t any puppies in our neighborhood at the moment.

  5. There is another Maya in my neighborhood. My Maya is a Labrador. This Maya is a Husky. There is also Lizzie. I think Lizzie is a Bichon mix. Her mom adopted her from the shelter. When I first met Lizzie, she was a shy, scrawny, sad-looking thing with a bad haircut. Now she is a fluffy white ball of love. There are others too, but since my dogs greatly misbehave when they see another dog, we don’t get a chance to meet all of them.

  6. Woof! Woof! Very CUTE. I meet many new puppies in our neighborhood too. Hope you get to play with him soon. Happy BlogPaws WW. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  7. Oh my! Such beautiful pictures! :)

  8. So cute and fun. Love the singalong – very clever

  9. Aww my favourite picture is the last one! It’s such a cute photo bomb. Happy WW!!

  10. Sadly all of the dogs in our neighborhood are either inside or behind six foot fences. I’m always astonished at the way dogs behind redwood fences always know when we walk by…Is it sound or smell? It isn’t sight.

  11. Oh my dog! Look how young Bob was! And that long hair! I remember Bob when he was that young …

  12. Ha ha ha! Well, the two Labs across the street are always humping or barking rabidly, but Morgan would really like to say hello to the Boxers that live down the street. Actually, I hear she broke out of her collar Monday morning and ran across the street to do that very thing. I am sure that is the closest my husband has come to harming an animal! She sniffed them and tried to invite herself on their walk but was denied. Now, Bunny would like to meet our new Great Dane neighbor that we just saw walking past the house this morning. She would like to meet everyone, though!

  13. Mostly Rita only likes dogs when she is off-leash, but there’s a puggle she likes to say hi to through his gate and border collie that she runs along the fence with. Cute corgi!

  14. No, just special spots they like to pee :)

  15. We know this song. It’s been a long time. Love it. Happy WW!

  16. Aw… what a cute post, thanks for sharing a friend of yours! We don’t really have special friends we visit, it’s more like the entire neighborhood barking at us as we go down the street.

  17. We do like to visit with our fenced friends around the neighborhood. Now I’ll sing while I do it and the neighbors will have even MORE reason to think the three dog lady is crazy!

  18. They look happy to see each other!

  19. Lovely neighbors you have! We are in a area where dogs are allowed to run loose; one of my dogs is scared of off leash dogs, so he’s only outside when he’s secure in his pen. Looking forward to a new neighborhood where we can resume our walks

  20. its good to have great neighbours!