Puppies are Not "Type A" Personalities

Honey is a working dog. I mean, she goes to work with me every day.

It’s great that my boss allows Honey to come to my office. It’s made house training a nearly painless process since I’m always around to let her out when she needs it.

But I tend to be a bit of a Type A personality. And Honey is not.

I’m always trying to figure out how long she’ll sleep before needing some attention. And planning the timing of our trips outside and play times so I can fit it around my appointments, meetings, and just getting work done. Coming in early, working through lunch, checking email at home so I can make up for the time I’ve “lost” while tending to Honey’s needs. And then there’s the common sight of me begging her to stop chewing a stick so we can get back to work.

Honey is purely in the moment. When it’s time to sleep, she sleeps. When it’s time to play, she plays. When it’s time to pee, she plays (eventually she remembers to pee). Every person who walks by needs to be greeted. Every leaf that blows in the wind needs to be chased.

Sometimes, because I spend so much of the day with her, I forget to just “be” with Honey and enjoy her company. That’s the curse of working with your dog.

Luckily, Honey is a furry reminder to enjoy the moment. She may save me from myself yet.

Sometimes Work Just Feels Like Jail

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