Pleasures of Friendship

It’s the little things that make friendship special.

Don’t you agree?

Honey the golden retriever and Zoe the foster puppy share a stick.

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  1. Love this! Even in the snow….

  2. Definitely agree!!

  3. YES!! Friends make life so much better, and bearable.

  4. It is usually the little things, the things that don’t cost money that make friends and people in general much happier, but sadly, most people look for happiness in things and try to please friends with things where something simple would mean so much more.

  5. How true. A kind word. A little empathy. A hug (or nose kiss). Doesn’t take much!

  6. Beautiful and perfect!

  7. So lovely!

  8. So sweet. Friendships are so special and irreplaceable. And just one kind word can go so far…

  9. Aww, that made me smile so much… :)