Playmate of the Year (or Best Socialized Dog Ever)

Yup, young'un. Just keep eating your kibble and someday you may amount to something.

A lovely couple I met through work invited Honey over for a puppy socialization session play date with their 1 year old golden doodle, Tashi.

Having had two dog reactive dogs in the past, I was very concerned that Honey have plenty of opportunities to befriend other dogs. And when she showed a brief amount of timidity around bigger dogs, I leaped at the chance for a play date.

Luckily Tashi was very well socialized as a puppy. And he displayed beautiful manners and a wonderful attitude toward Honey. It’s obvious his dog moms did everything right when it came to socialization.

Tashi did it all by the book–self handicapping, chase, reversals–it was beautiful to watch. And Honey showed no sign of fear whatsoever, despite Tashi’s impressive size. There was something about his presence that was fun-loving and playful yet also serene.

If Tashi needs a career, he might be good at helping to rehabilitate fearful dogs.

But I’m glad he’s unemployed and had time to play with Honey.

Just you wait! I won't always be this little.

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