Play in the Mud – Good for the Dog; Good for You

Honey the Golden Retriever checks out the mud.

Ok, I found the mud. When does the fun start?

Here in Ithaca, we don’t have four seasons. We have three: snow, mud, and road construction.

My dog Honey and I are determined to make the most of the spring mud. Because it’s not only fun, it’s good for us.

Benefits of Mud

What most people don’t realize when they’re scrubbing mud from their kitchen floors or towelling off the dog is that mud has scientifically proven benefits.

  • Eating mud strengthens your immune system.
  • Mud is good for your complexion.
  • Fleas flee from muddy fur.
  • Mud softens dog toenails to make them easier to cut.
  • Muddy dogs are more responsive to training.

Besides, it’s just plain fun.

Do you think people go to festivals for the music? Heck no! They go for the mud.

Making the Most of Mud

Honey and I are heading out to walk in the rain. Once we leave the sidewalk to walk along the creek bed, we should find plenty of mud.

We’ll play fetch with a muddy stick. We’ll roll in a puddle. And when we get home, we’ll have a piece of Mississippi Mud Pie (well, I’ll have the mud pie; Honey will have to be happy with a muddy tasting piece of liver).

Never be afraid to get dirty. After all, it’s good for the dog. And it’s good for you.

Your Turn: Do you and your dog enjoy mud? Or do you prefer mud-themed desserts while you look at the rain from inside?

Note: The scientific facts I stated? I made them up. Except for the first one. After all, it is April 1. And thank you to Sage for inspiring this post with her tales of muddy adventure.Monday-Mischief-Logo-125x125

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  1. Too funny Pamela. If you can’t beat them, joint them (it) !

  2. LOL! My Maya loves the mud. We went to the dog park the other day and after greeting some dogs she found a big mud puddle to play in (photos on my blog). Besides being a lot of fun, I never considered the other benefits of playing in the mud. Good to know! :)

  3. Not a fan, but won’t deprive dogs of outside fun. Right now am waiting for snow to leave so we can get to mud.

  4. Pamela, you are braving than me. I am not a mud fan. But…I don’t have a place to de-mud the dogs either. LOL

  5. Getting down and getting dirty sounds good to us. Mud glorious mud we say.
    Have a Happy April Fools Day.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. I’m not a fan of the mud and neither is my couches,walls, pants, etc…. but the Newfs are HUGE fans so I guess that makes it all o.k.:)

  7. See? I’ve been practicing all those wonderful benefits of mud all along and never knew why! And who said dogs aren’t smart???

    PEE ESS: Thanks, Pamela for a fun and informative post! I guess that’s why I’m never sick…

  8. Thankfully my dogs don’t care for the mud! Except that little muddy brook at the field, Sampson loves that and will gladly muddy himself in it.

  9. My dainty dogs would not step a paw in mud if there was a pan of bacon there. I have taught them well.

  10. I love love love playing in the mud:-)

  11. My dogs don’t love mud as much as they used to. I don’t love it being tracked into my house. But my ducks LOVE the mud, and I enjoy watching them muck in puddles.

  12. Sue at The Golden Life says:

    Great post, Pamela! :-)

    I’m sure all 3 of my girls would L O V E to play in the mud — and truth be told, I’d delight in joining them — but I have no place to clean them off, so we steer clear of mud as much as possible. (Ever try cleaning red-clay mud out of light beige carpet?) NOT FUN!

  13. ha ha, brilliant post! I hate the mud. Mainly because del waits until we step into the house (while del disguises his muddy belly with his dark fur), then does a coat shake all over my WHITE walls! He hates water and getting washed too, so not a happy time for anyone :)

    Happy April Fools Day

  14. Honey sure does look happy…Giz likes to dig in dirt but that’s about it…He’s not a mudder (and I’m OK with that) I have to toss him for breaks if it’s raining or he’d hold it all day

  15. My late Seymour, long hair Dachshund, loved to dig – rain and mud never stopped him. A friend was over one day helping clean the dog areas. Seymour came in coated flat with mud literally from nose to tail. We laughed so hard before taking him to the tub.

    Enjoy that mud, Honey! I’ll pass, thank you.

  16. BJ doesn’t like the mud. I’m just as happy because we live in an apartment building which represents two problems
    1. I would have to clean the carpet from the elevator to the apartment.
    2. We don’t have a Mud Room. What ever didn’t come off in the hallway would be brought into my hallway. Not good.

    I am glad that Honey gets to play in the mud.

  17. I forgot to mention when I wrote about our “staycation” the other day that our one big outing was to Glen Ivy Spa – about 90 min from our house and a big mud/mineral water spa. It was definitely fun to play in the mud with the hubs. Mud can be good fun! But I prefer it on me and not on the dog!

  18. I think you have a great attitude Pamela…but I’m sorry, I can’t share your enthusiasm for mud. Having lived in New Mexico though, I think I prefer it to dust!
    But you’re right, there’s something nice about toweling off those paws:)

  19. Elka definitely loves to splash in puddles! She’s dry and can just get wiped off by the time we get home.

  20. Cali loves to lay in puddles, mud, not so much (thank goodness!!)

  21. You made them up? Are you kidding? I’ll have you know I’m strong as a horse [except when I get taken down and people break my toes] because I ate mud pies as a child [mixed with grass and butter for flavouring]. I also think it is entirely possible fleas do not like muddy dogs. It would be quite hard for them to breathe if the fur is all caked up.
    As for mud being good for the skin, it’s a proven fact! Women pay hundreds of dollars for special mud baths, facials and wraps from the Caspian sea [or some such place]. Would they do it if it wasn’t true? Ha.

  22. Max wouldn’t ever play in the mud but I would!!

  23. As a very young child, if I would get a speck of dirt on my clothes, I would stop whatever I was doing and cry until my mother came to change my outfit. True story.

    The first time she caught me playing in the dirt in the yard of my own free will, I think she was shocked. I’m still not big on playing in the mud, but I’m trying to learn to embrace it…