Pictures That Raise More Questions Than They Answer

Some pictures have me scratching my head. I think they do the same for my dog Honey.

Pictures That Raise Questions

Like this one:

Honey, if you love your polar bear so much…

Honey the golden retriever carries a stuffed polar bear in her mouth.

I take Bear everywhere with me.

…then why are you always trying to tear him to pieces?

Honey the golden retriever plays tug with her Bear and Mike.

Let’s tear Bear up. Then I’ll have more pieces to love.

And how about..?

If you’re so hot your tongue is hanging out of your mouth…

Honey the golden retriever with her tongue hanging out.

I’m so hot. And no, I don’t mean sexy.

…why are you sitting on my lap?

Honey the golden retriever sits on Pam's lap on a swing.

Because nothing goes with sweat like a little dog fur?

And also…

Why do you think someone felt the need to post a sign stating “no pets?”

Honey the golden retriever is fixated on something.

I can’t read the “no pets” sign…

Could it be because Honey can’t stop staring at the goats?

Honey the golden retriever fixates on goats.

…because I can’t look away from those goats.

And the biggest question of all…

When are we going to buy a d*mn boat so everyone can laugh at our misadventures getting Honey on and off it?

A Pacific Seacraft 34.

Would you like to see Honey on board this boat?

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  1. Ooooo, does that mean you decided??

  2. It’s a pretty nice looking boat – is it the one?

  3. A girl has the right to make up her mind. Cute pictures!

  4. Yes, definitely get that boat for Honey (and all your Blogville buddies, too!) 😉 I have often asked myself some those questions of Sam, especially the one about “if you’re so hot, why are you laying on top of me?” Aw, the joys of the canine mind working. Have a safe and happy 4th of July.

  5. I’m still picturing a large houseboat or yacht with a mast for your seagoing adventure. Are you going to allow us a vote?

    • Anyone who wants to sponsor our adventures by giving us the money to pay for a larger boat gets the biggest vote of all. And a regular invitation to cocktails and gourmet snacks at anchor any time she wants them. :)

  6. Is this boat THE ONE?

  7. Oh my Pamela, those pictures and captions made me laugh. Because sweat and fur go together. NOT.

  8. Oh my, can’t imagine living on that boat, but everyone has a different dream. We are ready to see the adventures, though.

  9. It’s especially nice when they’re breathing all their hot air on you too!

    We’re ready to see you all in that boat….are you? :)

  10. Yes, get the boat!! I would love to read stories of Honey on the boat.
    Honey, you just might like it very much.
    On occasion I daydream of getting rid of enough of my stuff where I can only keep what I could have on a boat and then go sail the Caribbean.
    I’m always in awe of boat adventures.

  11. I don’t know the first thing about boats but I love the looks of that one. And I always question why dogs don’t seem to mind cuddling up and getting close when they’re panting.

  12. Is this THE boat? Fingers crossed for you if it is!

    As to the rest of the questions posed here, I have no answers! Especially for that one about being hot. Bunny will climb all over me, hot as a furnace and pant like she’s going to lose a lung! Drives me crazy.

  13. You haven’t bought a boat yet? I thought you had your eye on one a while ago. You better get on it soon because I am eagerly awaiting your misadventures :)

  14. That does look like a pretty neat boat :) Are congratulations in order? My dogs don’t feel the need to climb all over me :( As long as they can see me, that’s their thing!

  15. Thanks a mighty fine looking boat you’ve got there!

  16. Good questions! Why DO dogs tear up the things they love most?

  17. If you only want a cookie, why are you dragging me all the way outside and then back inside to get it?