Photo Bomb Dog – Wordless Wednesday

Do you think I call my current foster dog Mr. Handsome because of his movie star good looks? His golden eyes? His shiny coat?

Nuh unh.

He’s Mr. Handsome because he can’t resist getting up close and personal every time I try to take a picture. Of anything.

This dog loves the camera.

Let me show you.

The chocolate lab photo bombs.

I was trying to get a nice picture of the three dogs resting on the couch. Mr. Handsome had other ideas.

Chocolate lab photo bombs again.

Okay, let’s try a nice portrait of your face while you’re sitting so still. Oops.

The chocolate lab photo bombs again.

You win, Mr. Handsome. I won’t try to take any more pictures. Until you fall asleep.

Your Turn: Have you ever had a dog that ruins every picture you try to take? What did you do about it?


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  1. Sometimes my cat bro Bert sneaks in.

  2. I gave up – that’s why I don’t have many pictures of our Sally. She was a beauty, but I was a terrible photog and she moved every time. I have two good pics of her and my sister took both of them :) Hey – she was a chocolate lab and from the looks on these pics, so is Mr. Handsome…maybe it’s a choco lab thing.

  3. He seems a little unsure about the whole picture thing. LOL

  4. Oh, not easy to catch pics of them!

  5. hehehehe I like to use the last second evasion technique too :-)

  6. Mr. N doesn’t really try to photobomb but he is in most of our photos anyway.

  7. Love this! What a crack-up! I posted a doggie photobomb pic on my Facebook page last week…will have to submit it to WW next week!

  8. Our Scooby does the same thing. Just can’t sit still for a picture. LOL Happy WW!

  9. *sigh* I have a chicken and a duck that both do this. It’s so frustrating. I wind up sitting on the ground, waiting. Just waiting.

  10. Leo has turned into quite a good model, but he wasn’t that was a puppy. Mia just likes to bark in the backyard, so it’s tough to capture her pretty face in a calm state.

  11. What a funny guy. 😀

  12. Frankie and Beryl are as bad as each other at photo bombing :) When they’re asleep is generally a good time to get a photo. Doesn’t mean you’ll get a good photo though :) Mr Handsome does look very handsome in the parts I can see. Cute little Boston Terrier in the background?

  13. I can get pix of Callie and Shadow together, and of Ducky by herself; but a decent picture of all three? HA! Nuthin Doin, Mom! I gave up trying. BUT I still have faith that one day it will all come together — the camera and I, and all three dogs, — at the right time and in the right place. When it happens, you’ll hear me cheering all the way across the Pacific Ocean! :-)

  14. I wait until Akasha falls asleep too!! I can take 1 because then she wakes up!!
    People probably think she is very lethargic, but just the opposite is the truth!! BOL!!

  15. Too funny. He does have handsome eyes. :-)

  16. Giving him a name like Mr. Handsome gives him a lot to live up to. Maybe he needs to be perfectly groomed, etc.

  17. Thanks for the giggle

    Stop on by for a visit

  18. I bribe the wieners with, appropriately, wieners. They hate any camera flash, so I just keep clicking away until I have a couple good shots. I want them to look at me, which is hard when my face is behind my iPad. Hence, the preferred wiener treat. Stuns them into submission.

  19. My dog does a very similar thing! Trying to get pictures of him last night, I got the back of his head, the side of his face and some brilliant shots of him walking away!!

  20. Sadie was like that for a really long time. Anytime you looked at her (which you have to with a camera) she thought it was time for more lovin’s. Thankfully, our hard work at a good sit stay paid off and now she only ruins the picture half the time. :)

  21. Ha!!!!!!!! It’s wonderful that he loves the camera, except if he gets slobber on the lens :)

  22. That won’t work either. If he’s a true chocolate lab the sound of the camera turning on will wake him up. I’ve had limited success by turning the camera on in the other room but if the shutter sounds….ET! It’s all over. Delilah after five years has finally begun to sit still, especially if she is on chipmunk watch. I’ve gotten a couple of good profile shots like that, but mostly my pictures of her aren’t very good.