Philly vs North Conway as Best City for Pet Travelers

Husky smiles at Soho Pizza in Philadelphia.

This Husky doesn’t seem to mind not being in the mountains. As long as he gets a nibble from this Philadelphia pizzeria.

It’s March Madness and I’ve stopped taking my anti-psychotic meds.

Time to decide the Best City for Pet Travelers.

Let the Trash Talking Begin

I’m promoting Philadelphia as the Best City for Pet Travelers in the Go Pet Friendly brackets. And amazingly, I’m currently down in the voting against North Conway, New Hampshire (where?).

And that’s a barking shame.

Because how could anyone believe North Conway (where?) has more to offer dogs and their people than Philadelphia? Actually, who considers North Conway (where?) with a population of 2300 people a city at all? I’d call that more of a busy night at a club.

Let me convince you to head over to the brackets to vote for Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Attracts a Diversity of Dogs

North Conway is a lovely town. If your favorite flavor is vanilla. According to the 2010 census, 95% of the people of North Conway (where?) are vanilla. I wonder how diverse their dog population is?

Philadelphia is one of the most diverse cities in the United States in many different ways. It’s a leading destination for immigrants and attracts citizens of all races, ethnicities, and social classes.

Philadelphia is a city of neighborhoods.

You can enjoy the flavor Spinone Italianos and Neapolitan Mastiffs bring to South Philadelphia. Hipster mutts populate Northern Liberties. Elegant Greyhounds represent the class and refinement of the Main Line and Society Hill. While pit mixes can be found anywhere as befitting the dog, who, like Rocky, won’t be held back.

No matter who you want to hang out with, you’ll find them in Philly. And the next day, you can hang with someone else.

Friends are easy to find walking down the street or online.

Philly Dogs Are Wired

Yes, Philadelphia dogs have their own website, full of useful information, links to rescues, and information about dog friendly businesses (including the down low on bars that allow dogs inside (shhhh! don’t tell the health department).

I don’t know if North Conway (where?) even has high-speed internet.

I guess the only way to know if one of their bars (do they have any bars?) allows dogs is to walk in with yours and wait to be thrown out.

Philly Dogs are Sophisticated and Athletic

If you like climbing rocks, you might enjoy North Conway (where?) with your dogs. But if you like spending time with your dog without peeing in the woods, you’re better off in Philadelphia.

With the largest urban park in the world, you’ll get all your exercise. But you’re close enough to find a gourmet lunch. And Fairmount Park has fun for both you and your dog. Stinky dead things in the leaves and temporary art installations. Chatty squirrels just asking to be chased paired with stunning views of the city.

Never get to the park because there are so many fun things to do just outside your hotel room? You’ll still get plenty of exercise.

As the Fifth Most Walkable City in the U.S. according to Walk Score, you have access to the most pet friendly form of transportation ever. What more could anyone want?

Vote for Philadelphia as the Best City for Pet Travelers

I have lots more to tell you about how great Philadelphia is for pet travelers. But you’ll only hear about it if you vote for Philadelphia in the Go Pet Friendly brackets.

I’d say that all 40 of the people who have heard of North Conway (where?) have voted.

So it’s up to you. Go. Vote. Now.

Have you been to Philadelphia? What would you most like to do with your dog there?

Photo Credit: The Happy Dog in front of Old City Pizzeria was photographed by Jasen Miller. It is available from Flickr under a Creative Commons license.

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  1. Sounds like a great place. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. You made me laugh, Pamela, because I am one of those 40 people who have heard of, and actually been to, North Conway! It is a great town, but I certainly wouldn’t consider it a city. It has been a Christmas shopping destination, and a vacation getaway, for me, but I have never brought my dogs there. If I did there is great places to take them hiking. And they have one of my favorite pet supplies stores, For Your Paws Only. But I couldn’t really speak to the dog friendliness other than that! I haven’t been to Philadelphia since college……but I’ll take your word on that one! I’m more of a country girl than a city girl, so I guess I can’t really help you out, sorry! :)

    • Well it’s nice to hear such nice things about North Conway (where?). :)

      Don’t take my trash talking too serious. I’d love to go there myself.

      • Don’t worry, I don’t. Hmm….I see North Conway is still in the lead? :)
        maybe you will have to go there and see what that’s all about!

  3. Oh, how I have been waiting for the trash-talkin’ Pamela to make her annual appearance! Like you, I’ve lived in Philly and think it’s overlooked as a pet friendly destination. I hope you can turn the tide and help give Philly’s it’s due!

    • Philly has actually increased its pet-friendliness a lot since I’ve moved away. I’ve been really impressed while doing my research.

      I just hope that if I advance, my trash talk will be up to Philly standards. As you know, there is no place trashier than Philadelphia. :)

  4. I’ve been to North Conway, they don’t have high speed internet.

  5. Great post! Philadelphia definitely has my vote. If we ever have a chance to visit the eastern part of the US, we will make plans for Philly. :)

  6. We need your trash talking to stay here in Ithaca Pam! :-)

    • Use your influence to get rid of some of the stupid anti-dog rules in town and I’m all yours! :)

      Maybe we need to tell the mayor there’s a Best City for Pet Travelers list we need to add to our website.

  7. Where is North Conway? :)

  8. Houndstooth says:

    Nooooooo! Vote Saint Louis! It’s where the real fun is! 😛

    • I voted for St. Louis. It doesn’t look like we’ll be facing each other in the bracket. I’m going down faster than the Titanic. Good luck in your own competition.

      BTW, are you getting the feeling there’s a strong anti-urban bias among those pet travelers?

  9. Okay…you convinced me. I went and voted – for North Conway! (JK) 😉

  10. I lived in Philly for 18 months! We lived just outside the city, and we LOVED the parks there. We lived by…. I forget the name now… oh yeah – Pennypack Park and we would take our beagle there and fun for MILES along the path by the stream. We also used to love to go to Fairmount Park. Awesome parks in Philly. I’ll go vote.

  11. You are a crazy campaign manager! Poor North Conway (seriously, where?).


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