Pet Friendly And Human Friendly

Being able to take your dog many places is great for socialization. But not every pet friendly business is both pet friendly and human friendly.

Some are just dull.

How does Honey the golden retrieve know when we're coming home?

If you’ve planned a dull pet friendly outing, I might as well stay home with my bear.

Recreational Shopping, Really?

Some big box home centers are pet friendly. To which I say, duh. What’s so precious about a gigantic warehouse loaded with unbreakable products displayed on a cleanable floor?

Heck, it’s amazing to me that ANY home center ISN’T pet friendly.

But here’s the question: of all the fun things to do with your dog, why would anyone want to waste time picking out bolts or matching PVC plumbing parts?

Even fun stores aren’t really that fun for a human and a dog.

My favorite beach has a pet friendly gift shop. The owner has invited Honey in when she spotted us waiting outside.

I always refuse.

At the first sound of a vacationer squealing, “Oooooooh, a golden retriever,” Honey’s tail would become a shelf-clearing device more efficient than any tool known to man.

Honey wagging tails as a puppy with a friend.

When I was little, I didn’t have much power in my tail. But I sure have grown.

A Fun Day Out With Dogs

Do you know what your dog would consider the most fun day ever?

Honey would sleep in late. She’d play tug and fetch with the hu-dad after breakfast followed by a short nap.

Honey the golden retriever plays tug in Waterfront Park in Charleston.

What’s the best start to every day? A game of tug.

We’d all go for a long walk interrupted every block or so by someone asking, “Can I pet your dog?”

The walk would take us through a grassy park where she’d flop on the ground and roll on her back. And the park would lead to a sandy beach where she’d dig for mussels and flop on her back some more.

Honey the golden retriever rolls in the sand.

Oooh, sandy. So glad I found a place to mess up my fur so close to the boat. Charleston is great!

We’d end the day at a restaurant where Honey would meet more friendly strangers and get a few morsels of dinner.

Honey at Sonic.

I don’t care if it’s fine dining or fast food. As long as I get a little morsel of something.

On the way back home, Honey would doze on our lap in a taxi.

Sweet, eh? Actually, this was the way we spent several days with Honey when we had a month-long stay in Charleston.

For Honey, Charleston was the best place for a fun day out with dogs.

Talking Trash And Taking Names

Apparently plenty of people agree. Charleston is a great city for pet travelers.

At least that’s what I see over at the Best City For Pet Travelers brackets at Go Pet Friendly where Charleston has entered the Awesome Eight against Port St. Joe Florida.

I hear Port St. Joe has some nice, pet friendly beaches. But it doesn’t sound like the kind of place where you’d expect to have your best day ever with your dog, over and over like we did with Honey in Charleston.

I mean the Wikipedia page for Port St. Joe is a cure for insomnia. And in the past ten years, the population of 3600 people has actually declined. Two hundred people decided they’d rather live somewhere else.

Maybe they moved to Charleston.

Tiffany glass church window in Charleston.

I’m willing to bet Port St. Joe doesn’t have a single Tiffany glass window.

So if your idea of a great pet friendly day with your dog involves culture, fine dining, beautiful architecture, as well as nearby beaches, hop on over to Go Pet Friendly and vote for Charleston.

Honey the golden retriever plays with Jaxson the golden doodle.

This doodle wouldn’t steer me wrong.

Your Turn: What would be an ideal outing for your dog? And where would it happen?



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  1. Duster would love any outing where there were dog-loving people to fawn over him and pet him. If a little food was thrown in, so much the better. Zach would skip the people and go straight to the food!

    We’re doing our part for Charleston, BTW!

  2. Honey really knows how to plan a fun day! Rolling in the grass and sand … only minutes apart … what could be better than that?!?

  3. Torrey loves any outside trip where she can run free. Roxy, she wants to be the center of attention. So any dog friendly business is her favorite.

  4. It would be a beach on the Pacific Ocean and an animal in some stage of decay. No other details necessary.

  5. I have to go vote!!

  6. Cole is a standard poodle almost 14. He loves to go shopping. He looks at every shelf. He pets the owners who coo over him. If it weren’t for shops letting him in, he’d only have walks and a couple restaurants as an outing. Every dog is different and lies different places. Plus his poof tail stands up and wags so he wouldn’t clear a shelf. Funny but even as a puppy he was quiet in a shop or patio restaurant.

  7. Any where there are no people! Tracking through the woods with a creek or shallow river. Hanging out at the lake. These would be ideal.

    Glad Honey and you had such a great adventure together in Charleston. 🙂

  8. Someplace away from people with swimming/beaches involved and no worries that Jimmy’s mouth Never. Shuts.Up!

  9. LOL. Jedi’s favorite place is Sonic too!

    Jedi’s perfect day would include less people, more pee-worthy trees and extra frisky squirrels. Oh, and Sonic cheeseburgers.

  10. Missy would spend the day at a pool & Buzz would fetch balls on a soccer field. Or football. Wherever, really 😉

  11. I live near Port St. Joe – it’s not very pet friendly! Well, it’s not very pet accommodating may be the better term.

  12. While I think it’s laudable that businesses allow pets, I find myself asking, why in the world would I take my dog shopping with me? Surely a romp at the dog park or walking around the neighborhood would be far more desirable from my dog’s point of view. 🙂

  13. Ha ha ha! I think you’ve sold me on Charleston!