Favorite Dog Blogs

Hi Everyone!

My old Favorite Dog Blogs page posted all the blogs in my Google Reader. As of July 1, Google Reader is no more.

Besides, I follow other blogs that weren’t in my reader.

So, I’m working on rebuilding the page and want to tell you why I love the blogs I do.

Each Sunday, I’ll add a few more of my favorites.



Bunny’s Blog Blogger, Vicki, pays special attention to rescue and other animal welfare causes. It’s a great place to visit if you are looking for good news. 
Chronicles of Cardigan If you don’t get the corgi fever that has overtaken the internet, you will once you meet Dewi and Jon Farleigh. These furry gentlemen are quite the pair. And their chronicler has a wicked and wacky sense of humor.
Dancing Dog Blog Dancing Dog Blog is newsy and informative. The first word that comes to my mind is professional. If I read it in DDB, I know I don’t have to go researching all over the internet to see if it’s really true.
Dog Jaunt A beautifully designed and well organized site that specializes in traveling with small dogs. Although my dog is not small, I’ve found the information on mass transit and sailing with dogs very helpful.
Gizmo’s Terrier Torrent I’m a sucker for people who appreciate their small dogs’ big dog spirit. Beth and Gizmo promote living large in the great outdoors and are wonderful tour guides for their beautiful Florida backyard.
I Still Want More Puppies You’ve got pop culture, puns, and puppies. It’s like a workout for your funny bone.
Kol’s Notes Creativity oozes out of blogger Jodi. But her love of design, cooking, and crafting serves her dogs, Kolchak and Felix. I have a feeling that Jodi is better off focusing her skills on goodies for dogs or she’d never have time to do anything else. Oh yeah, and she’s funny as Woof.
Life With Desmond Lauren adopted her first dog, Desmond. He turned out to be a bit anxious. In the course of learning how to make him happy, she enrolled in Animal Behavior College and is now a certified dog trainer.
Molly the Wally Yes, British people are the wittiest in the world. I could never do this blog justice. You have to experience Dogton Abbey, the rock album parodies, and random humor found around the world for yourself.
No Dog About It What are two words you never see together on the internet? Uncompromising and compassionate. But both fit Mel of NDAI. And her stories of living with a puppy mill rescue make her passion for ending dog factory farming real and compelling.
Oz the Terrier One phrase–puppy limericks. Is there anything better?
Peggy’s Pet Place Peggy is a writer whose affection for her dog Kelly, and all animals, has led her to write with lots of fun and affection about dogs. Visiting Peggy’s Pet Place is like sitting on the porch with a tall glass of tea while visiting a friend.
RumpyDog The tagline sums this blog up well: cute, funny, and committed to animal welfare. But it goes far beyond most blogs in looking at issues most people never question. Do cute animal videos harm animal causes? What about zoos? Should animal lovers eat meat? Rumpy Dog always makes me think and often makes me laugh.
Roxy the Traveling Dog Mary and Al Hone are artists who sell their sculptures and bead work throughout the American west. They travel to shows in their RV with dogs Roxy and Torrey. And they share their art and that of fellow artists on their blog as well as pictures of the beautiful places they travel.
Take Paws at Go Pet Friendly I never travel anywhere without checking out the Go Pet Friendly website. But the Take Paws blog is where you’ll find the fun weekly challenge to identify the pet-friendly vacation spot and the competitive, March Madness brackets for best pet friendly city.
Tales and Tails You’ll find well written and thoughtful posts every day at Tales and Tails. But the first thing it brings to my mind are descriptions of the beautiful places they visit accompanied by stunning photographs.
Will My Dog Hate Me A fuzzy little terrier mix captured the heart of a food and travel writer. Pretty soon, Edie Jarolim was writing a dog care book and blogging about dogs. After a hiatus while starting another blog, Edie is back. And I can’t wait to see what she and Frankie have in store for us.
You Did What With Your Weiner Gretel and Chester are the poster dogs for small pup adventures. Short legs are no reason to stay home on the couch. And these two dachshunds share their adventures with informative and helpful tips to make the most of your outdoor doggy excursions.