Pamela is a Bad, Bad Blogger (Making Amends Editions #2 & 3)

Today I eat crow. Well, not really. Maybe crowfutti made from tofu?

Anyway, I’m making amends for blog awards I’ve never properly acknowledged or for which I never sent appreciation to the givers. My last post passed along the You Are An Inspiration Award to ten special bloggers.

Now I’m on to make amends to my next blogger.

It’s the Just Ramblin’ Show

Stop by the Just Ramblin’ Blog and you’ll recognize pretty quickly you’re visiting the home of someone exploring creativity and community.

Creativity and Community come together in two blog awards JSP has created:

  • The Noteworthy Archives Award
  • The Creative Capture Blogging Award

And I have received both. Thank you very much.

The Noteworthy Archives Award

Noteworthy Archive Blog Award - Just Ramblin'Inspired by the 7 Links Challenge, JSP created the Noteworthy Archives Award. It was her way of stepping back from the immediate and urging each of us to find the value lurking under the surface by digging into the archives of different blogs.

 I was one of fourteen bloggers JSP recognized as having archives worth exploring.

Rather than identifying a handful of bloggers whose archives are worth peeking into, I’m going to link to my Pamela’s Favorite Dog Blogs page.

It’s a pretty daunting list, I know.

But if you click the “view all” link at the bottom you’ll see the most recent posts as RSS feeds with picture and all.

Yes, every one of these blogs is worth tripping through the archives. If they weren’t they wouldn’t be here.

If you’d like to show off being recognized as having a Noteworthy Blog Archive, you can pick up your badge from Just Ramblin’.

The Creative Capture Award

Creative Capture AwardJSP passed on the Creative Capture Award when I posted Dogs: The Cure for the Common Life.

I am probably the worst photographer on the internet. But I try to capture something of Honey and our life together in my photos. And the Creative Capture award emphasizes the community of moments we create with our photographs.

What a kind and elegant way to allow even bad photographers to share in the joy of making a moment last. Thank you.

I hope you’ll visit Just Ramblin‘ and say you stopped by from Something Wagging.


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  1. Your photos are wonderful, Pamela – mostly because you and Honey tell stories through them :) – and how can you go wrong when you have Honey to photograph? Thank you for including me on your blogroll – it takes a lot of time to list out all those links of which I will be perusing all over time.

  2. I have always thought you take great photographs. :)

    Good job on catching up on your awards!

  3. What I always love about your photos, besides how cute Honey is, is the captions that go with them! I think you’re definitely worthy of both awards!

  4. I enjoy your photos and your gorgeous model :) Thanks for including me on your list, I feel very honored!! “Crowfutti” . . .hee hee!!

  5. Wow. You did not need to be so amazingly kind. You have humbled me so very much. And you are so not a ‘bad bad’ blogger or a ‘worst photographer’! You are a wonderful blogger, writer, photographer, advocate, the list could go on and on. You definitely did not need to make amends either! Your blog is a great journey and I am grateful to able to step in and be a part of it as you share your walk. One of the big parts of the awards I created is the ‘no pressure’ part. No pressure to do anything about it at all. So sit yourself down, pat yourself on your back, and remind yourself that you are amazing at what you do and who you are…. no need for amends or apologies.
    And again I thank you. Your words here are way to generous and kind.