Pamela is a Bad, Bad Blogger (Making Amends Edition #4)

Kreative Blogger AwardWhen our friends at Kol’s Notes passed the Kreativ Blogger award to Something Wagging This Way Comes, they said I was under no obligation to pass it along.

Don’t you love people who say nice things about you and want nothing in return?

Paying it Forward

So if I’ve gotten permission to rest on my laurels, why am I so insistent on passing along every award I get?

  • Whether we’re just starting out and wondering if anyone’s reading or feeling burnt out by blogging obligations, it’s encouraging to find someone likes our stuff.
  • Links into our sites rank us higher on Google and other sites. I want to do everything I can to help great bloggers meet their goals.

But before paying it forward, I have to pay it back.

Thank you Kol’s Notes for the kind award. And for always giving us a good laugh.

Rules is Rules: 7 Things You Don’t Know About Me

  1. Although I’m only in my 40s, have no kids, and no wrinkles, the natural color of my hair is totally silver. I’m working on growing it out now. (It’s very traumatic.)
  2. I blame my husband for #1. I found my first grey hair at 18 years old, shortly after I met him.
  3. I like almost every form of music—opera, heavy metal, folk, Tuvan throat singing, Gospel, Baroque. Probably every type of music except pop. I just can’t stand anything that ends up in the top 40.
  4. I’ve been married 22 years and still have trouble remembering my anniversary. My husband never forgets.
  5. I’ve discovered that my bad grooming habits benefit Honey. Letting the fur grow between her pads protects her feet from salt on wintry sidewalks.
  6. Although I’m an incredibly clumsy person I’ve never broken a bone.
  7. Electronic mail makes me hyperventilate. It’s true. The e-mail of the species is more deadly than the mail.

Artists (and Germans) Spell Kreativ with a “K”

Every blogger I read is creative. Kreativ even. So I’m going to highlight 7 bloggers who are visually creative. These are the bloggers who feature beautiful photos on their blogs.

They cause me serious focus envy.

Dogs Rock!

Greyhounds CAN Sit

Tales and Tails

Wild Dingo


Bringing Up Bella

Dog Blogging With Luna

So go. Now. And enjoy the eye candy.


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  1. Congrats again on your award!

  2. I like that you highlighted photo blogs… two of them are even new to me! :)

    • Whoa! I didn’t think there was anything Pup Fan didn’t beat me to. :)

      You belong in that company as well but I wanted to share the link love in a few new places. There are so many great photographers out there.

      • I don’t manage to make it to every corner of the Internet… so thanks for introducing me to some new blogs. :)

        There really are some wonderful photographers – I’m always in awe and want them to teach me some tricks!

  3. You’re such a good girl. Well done and congratulations on your award!

    You must have gotten married very young :) I love white hair and wish I had it. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find a hairdresser irresponsible enough to bleach it for me. You don’t like pop? Not even Adele? [I am now showing you my shocked face.]

    • Well, I try to be a good girl. I was feeling so guilty about not sharing the link love. :)

      I got married at 23 which is pretty young for nowadays. But your comment about irresponsible hairdressers got me thinking that maybe I should dye my roots blue. At least it would look like I was intentional instead of just sloppy. :)

      And sorry, I don’t know why I hate pop music (Adele included). I just do. At first I thought I was being contrarian. But my husband, who knows music better than I do, noticed that I hate music with a “hook.” And I don’t care for repetition. Both “hooks” and repetition are a big part of pop music.

      If you peer into my music collection, you’ll find lots of people who experiment with wildly different styles, like Joe Jackson and Richard Thompson. And their music that makes it into the popular imagination? I just hate it. I must have the pop music gene turned off in my DNA. :)

  4. It’s official – you’re just a little bit insane. 😉 3 posts in one day? I’m totally impressed.

    And humbled.

    I once wrote that Greyhounds CAN Sit was the first blog I followed but I realize now that’s not entirely true. A few years ago, I followed my very first dog blog: 365 Days of Puppy in Pictures (i.e. sort of Wootube 1.0) So it’s official: I am drawn to bloggers who take incredible photos of their dogs. The thought of being mentioned among them is a bit surreal. Thank you. (Off to go peruse Wild Dingo the only blog on your list with whom I am not familiar.)

    I love the “requirement” of this award as it has been fun discovering these little tidbits about you. We shall have to talk music someday… (Although I am currently in a bit of a pop phase, it was all musicals all the time back in the fall.)

    • Ooooh, we do need to talk music (not pop). I like the really old musicals (Gershwin, Bernstein, Lerner & Lowe) and edgier modern stuff like Spring Awakening.

      What’s coming after the pop phase?

      And don’t be humbled. You’re in very good company with your photos. :)

      I hope you enjoy Wild Dingo. It’s a hoot.

      • Fellow musical lovers? Awesome.

        I have the On Broadway station saved on my car’s XM so that I can listen to it all the time… they play entire musicals some nights of the week and it’s really addictive (and perfect for long car trips). :)

        • I knew there was a reason I loved you guys (gals). :)

          As for my current pop phase – it’s only because pop engages the body allowing my head to focus on the rather complicated programming I’m involved in at the moment. Not sure what’ll be up next but I’ve been listening to a lot of world music over the last few years…

          Always fun to find fellow music lovers. :)

  5. Pamela, you do more blog posts in a day than I can read or comment on!! Like Leslie, I am humbled to be in such illustrious company, thank you:) Well, that’s not exactly what she said but we both feel the same. Thank you for this award and when I pass it on this time I will do the ‘7 things you don’t know about me’ bit too:) And congratulations to you for getting all these awards, so well deserved in every case.

    I’m feeling like such a musical philistine right now. I’ve never heard of Spring Awakening or Richard Thomas. Yes, I could Google them but that would lead me away from commenting on your next blog post, I’d probably be wandering around various web sites for hours!

    I’m envious of the no wrinkles and silver hair, what a great combination! I don’t have enough grey hair to be interesting, in fact I’ve probably got more wrinkles than grey hairs:)

  6. How did I miss this? Oh yeah, I was caught up in Mango Minster in January, working on photoshoping and story boards, judging and all that silly good stuff.

    Thank you so much for the shout out and kind words! I’m horrible about these award things (I barely have time to write the posts on my list of stuff to write)… But truthfully, given that these awards are floating around so much, I pretty much just take an all or nothing approach to it. Either participate or I don’t. So my apologies for not participating in it. But I so appreciate the kind words though! Thank you again!

    It’s always refreshing to read your training posts. for a while I was inspired to re-do Loki’s search by retraining it with nose work (inspired by and based on your posts) rather than how he was trained the first time around (pretty sloppily). Its safe to say, i’ve book marked your posts on it and hope to return to teaching him properly!

    Have a great day!