Helping My Dog Face Her Fears

Honey the golden retriever on the grass.

Dogs barking through the fence? No problem. Elevator rides? A piece of cake. A broom leaning against the wall? That’s the scariest thing ever to my dog. I need to help my dog face her fears. Or stop sweeping the floor.

11 Things I Wish My Dog Could Do

Golden Retriever smiling.

When I’m holding a dripping paint roller or balancing on a ladder, you’ll hear a frequent refrain: “Honey, why can’t you?… If my dog could do a few things to help me out, I wouldn’t mind a bit.

Create Calm In Chaos For Your Dog–And Yourself

Honey the golden retriever is exhausted.

My dog Honey spent an hour watching us loading a truck. She daintily avoids walking under the stepladder in the foyer. And she barks when we’re upstairs but she can’t follow because of the plastic drop cloths on the stairs. How can we create calm in the middle of chaos for our dog. And for ourselves?

Dog Hair Is Expensive

Honey the golden retriever sits in the living room.

It’s soft. It’s light. It’s everywhere. But who’d have thought dog hair could be so expensive?

Telling Stories To Help Dogs

Golden Retriever with apple

When you face a challenge with your dog, plenty of people know just what to do. Everyone becomes an amateur dog trainer suggesting dozens of dos and don’ts. And even if some of the advice is wise, it’s hard to take it all in. But stories catch our attention. Stories teach us. And telling stories […]

What If… – Wordless Wednesday

Honey the golden retriever stands in deep snow.

What if we had adopted a chihuahua?

Get Down On Your Dog’s Level – Quick Tips

Honey the Golden Retriever smiles while waiting for her ball.

My dog Honey is the perfect size. Her head lies right where my hand falls when I walk. But wait. Doesn’t that mean she’s always staring at my knees? I need to remember to get down on my dog’s level sometimes.

Finding Safe Places To Work With Your Dog Off-Leash

Honey the golden retriever in snow.

If something happened while you were out walking your dog and you had to drop his leash, would he stay where you told him to? Or if he wandered, would he come back to you when you called him? The only way to know is to test him. That’s why it’s important to find safe […]

Why Do So Many People Torture Golden Retrievers On YouTube?

Honey the golden retriever relaxes with Oliver the foster puppy.

I can’t stand it any more. Every time I try to find a cute golden retriever to watch on YouTube, I’m hit in the face with torture videos. Okay, there’s no blood. Or broken bones. But I can’t watch them nonetheless.

10 Best Reasons To Have A Golden Retriever In The Snow

Honey the golden retriever looks at the snowy yard.

I see fewer dogs out walking with their people on snowy days with temperatures below 0. But those I do see make me happy I have a golden retriever.

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