Just Let It Go – Learning From Dogs

Zoe the foster puppy in training.

Today’s the big day. In a few hours, I will deliver our foster puppy Zoe back to the shelter so she can find her new family. Should I try to get in a few training sessions? Gently expose her to more household noises? Write a treatise on her personality for her new family? Or is […]

The Best Gift You’ll Ever Give…Or Get – Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange 2014

Zoe the Australian Cattle Dog puppy sits with Honey the golden retriever.

Of course it’s nice to get a thoughtful present. Or to come home to find your house transformed into a holiday wonderland, like the people belonging to the dogs in the video below. But I think the best gift ever is when someone says nice things about you. And that’s the idea behind the Third […]

Smiles Of Peace

Peace begins with smile

This picture always makes me smile. Come to think of it, I’m feeling pretty peaceful too. Maybe you should share it. We might start a movement. Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange Countdown Have you heard about the Third Annual Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange? If not, you can read more here. Instead of sending cards or gifts, […]

What Bully Dogs And Bikinis Can Teach Us About Racism

Pismo the pit bull.

This week I haven’t found watching cute puppy videos nearly as much fun. Our country is confronting ugly truths. And hopefully starting to have important conversations. About racism.

What’s The Best Trait For A Dog Person To Have?

Honey the golden retriever is a canine artist.

If you could strengthen one personal trait before adopting a dog, what should it be? Kindness? Patience? Flexibility? Nope, it’s none of those. The best trait for a dog person to have is creativity. Let me tell you why.

10 Mad Skills You’ll Need To Raise A Puppy

Zoe the Australian cattle dog puppy on the porch.

Raising a puppy is like running a triathlon. But you’ll need a different set of skills. To run a triathlon, you must know how to drink while running, how to repair punctures, and how to keep going even when you’re in pain. Hey, come to think of it, those are pretty good puppy raising skills […]

It’s A Lifesaver! – Not Quite Wordless Wednesday

Zoe the foster puppy sits in her crate.

Have you heard? We’re fostering a puppy. She’s a very good puppy. She’s a very smart puppy. But she’s a very active puppy. An Australian cattle dog puppy to be precise. Thank goodness I’m equipped with my foster puppy survival kit. And two items are my lifesavers. Puppy Lifesaver #1 The best dog purchase I […]

12 Things I Learned While Fostering Dogs

12 Things I learned from fostering dogs.

When I meet someone and introduce my latest foster dog, they usually say one of two things: I could never foster a dog. It would be too hard to give him up. Or they say, I’d love to do that some day myself. But what I’d love to hear is, that sounds great. How can […]

It’s That Time Again

Zoe the Australian Cattle dog foster puppy wags her tail at Honey the golden retriever.

I’m late. No, not that kind of late. We won’t be hearing the pitter patter of a little dog blogger typing around the house. Nope, I’m late getting ready for the Third Annual Pet Blogger Gift Exchange. (Read about how the first Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange began). But better late than never, eh?

Pleasures of Friendship

Honey the golden retriever and Zoe the foster puppy share a stick.

It’s the little things that make friendship special. Don’t you agree?

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