Why Do We Love Dogs So Much?

Why do we love dogs so much?

More people deeply love dogs than any other animal. You can argue with me. But I doubt you’ll win. Cats? There are more of them. And there’s no doubt that some people love cats and understand them very well. But most people like having cats around without trying to know them or getting very involved in […]

What Lessons Can We Learn From Our Dog’s Problem Behaviors?

Honey the golden retriever plays with her stuffed lamb.

If your dog runs away from home, cries when you leave the house, or barks like a mad creature every time a stranger comes to the door, you look for a management tool or training method. Right? I’m not going to argue you out of that. After all, roaming the streets is dangerous. No dog […]

What Happens To The Dog When The Internet Goes Down

Dog delivering a newspaper.

Verizon is out to get me. They’ve must have gotten hold of my comments in favor of net neutrality on the FCC website and they’re putting the screws to me. How? By messing with my broadband. For over a week, I’ve had sketchy internet service. In the early mornings I’m fine. But once people on the […]

The ONLY Way To Break Through Fear Is…

Golden Retriever getting treats in bike cart

I’m getting a Master’s Degree in fear. First, we worked with a trainer to decrease Honey’s fear of the bike cart. Then we fostered the extremely fearful Cherie. And now, I’m months away from terrifyingly transforming my life by setting out for a life at sea. I haven’t written my thesis yet. But I’ve learned a lot. […]

Play the Game – Which Comes First? Wordless Wednesday

Honey the golden retriever at the bath tub.

Put the pictures in the proper order. For true dog lovers, this will be easy. 1. 2. 3.   Check the answer key below to find out if you were right. It’s Wordless Wednesday. Your Turn: How often does this scene play out in your house? Answers: The correct order of the pictures is 3, […]

So Don’t Like Me. Who Cares?

Woman and dog on the Beach

You may find it hard to believe, but not everyone likes Honey. There’s Abbey, the pretty mixed breed whose person always asks after Honey from across the street. There’s Layla, the foster dog, who made it clear she’d only play with Honey on her own terms. And now there’s Marigold, a neighbor’s dog who came […]

My Dog Loves And Hates Her Blog

Honey the Golden Retriever sleeps in the tent by the laptop.

I know people give their dogs credit for knowing amazing things. But Honey does not know she’s the star of her own blog. If I say “Something Wagging This Way Comes” to her, she stares blankly. She has no idea why I keep taking her picture. And most of all, she can’t figure out why […]

The Sound Of His Bark

Honey the golden retriever puppy follows Riley.

I’m glad Honey doesn’t bark much. When people come to the door, she’s silent. When a neighborhood cat visits us on the porch, nothing. Even the Jack Russell and his beagle brother who bark at everyone who walks by their house don’t get a rise out of her. But one sound gets Honey barking every time. When she […]

Scratch and Sniff Dog – Wordless Wednesday

Honey the golden retriever just had a bath.

I need some clever geek to invent something—a scratch and sniff app for computers. You see, Honey just had a bath. She smells wonderful. And she feels even better. So soft. Heck, maybe it’s a hidden feature of WordPress and I never realized it. So go ahead. Scratch and sniff. And tell me Honey is […]

You’re Going To Do WHAT With Your Dog?

Honey the golden retriever sits by the lake.

“I’m really happy for you. But I’d never do it in a thousand years.” As we tell family and friends we’re planning to set sail with Honey next year, that’s the typical response. No one has asked us to explain ourselves. Not until Jan of The Poodle and Dog Blog commented: “As someone whose idea of […]

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