Where’s The Puppy?

Honey the golden retriever relaxes with Oliver the foster puppy.

Last week I announced we were bringing home a new foster puppy. And then I disappeared. Why? Because just showering, feeding the family, and getting my paid work done is hard enough with a puppy in the house. Add blogging to the mix? No way. When my husband got home from work, one phrase dominated […]

If You Love Your Dog Food, Why Try Something New? – #PawNatural Review

Honey the golden retriever poses with Only Natural Pet dog food.

This post is sponsored by Only Natural Pet and the BlogPaws Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the new Canine PowerFoodTM, but Something Wagging This Way Comes only shares information if we feel it’s useful or interesting to our readers. Only Natural Pet did not dictate or influence this […]

The Puppy Is Coming – Switching Gears

Honey the golden retriever puppy goes to work.

It’s happening. And I’ve got to get ready. The puppy is coming. Returning our latest foster dog, Blanche, to the SPCA and picking up a new puppy will be like turning that pleasant float downstream into a ride through raging rapids. Everything in the house looks different when you see it through the eyes of […]

Do You Look Like Your Dog? The Experiment

Do you look like your dog?

Did you know that strangers can match a picture of a person to a picture of their dog 80% of the time? Amazing isn’t it? But what’s really amazing is that even when the pictures show only the eyes of the dog and their person, the experiment’s subjects guess correctly 75% of the time. I […]

The Beagle And The Beauty Queen – Tuesdays Tails

Blanche the beagle is adorable.

“Can I pet your dog?” “I love your dog. What’s her name?” “Ooh, she’s so beautiful. May I take a picture?” These are a few comments strangers make to us when we’re with Honey. It’s nice that people find her appealing. And Honey usually loves the attention. But it also worries me a little. Here’s why. Choosing A Dog […]

Helping A Dog Go From Fat To Fit

Blanche the beagle is panting.

I’ve never had a fat dog. In fact, my friends from Slim Doggy had to point out to me that Honey was actually getting too skinny. But our new foster dog is a corpulent canine, a dense dog, a bulging beagle. Blanche is enormous. Beagles should weigh less than 30 pounds. Blanche weighs about 46 pounds, […]

When A Foster Dog Visits…

Blanche the foster beagle laughs.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin When a foster dog visits, things change. If the foster is a puppy, we reorganize the house—put dirty laundry behind closed doors, block off the stairs, and set up an exercise pen and crate. But even when the foster dog is a polite, adult dog who just needs a calm […]

No Time For Wordless Wednesday

Honey the golden retriever goes for a walk.

Sorry. We don’t have time for Wordless Wednesday today. We need to go for a long walk and then get ready to meet our new foster dog, Blanche. Oh, all right. You can follow us on our walk. Hopefully we’ll have some nice foster pup pics to share with you soon. Can’t wait until tomorrow? […]

What We’ll Leave Behind

Honey the golden retriever aboard a sail boat.

Now that we have a timeline for selling the house (next spring) and using the proceeds to buy a sail boat, this whole dream thing is starting to feel real. And I’ve started to think of what we’ll be giving up when we move aboard. Missing family and friends is such a given it doesn’t […]

Learning From Improv: Lessons For Your Dog And You

Honey the golden retriever sits with her tongue hanging out.

Have you ever watched a comedy improv performance? One person starts a riff, the second performer carries it on, and soon the situation takes on a life of its own. How do they think of these things? And how do they keep it going with other people? Are they mind readers? No, not mind readers. But improv […]

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