Back To School – Positive Pet Training Hop

Honey the golden retriever looks down the companionway ladder.

Honey went to puppy preschool followed by puppy kindergarten. Then we homeschooled her for several years. But something showed us we needed extra help. Time to go back to school for Honey.

Small Craft Advisory – Wordless Wednesday

Honey the golden retriever created a small craft advisory.

The wind was up making small whitecaps on the river. Once Honey entered the picture, I had to ask myself. Is the wind causing a small cur-aft advisory?

I’d Rather Poop Like A Dog

Honey the golden retriever naps in the cockpit of Meander.

Warning: Today’s post is disgusting, hopefully funny, and definitely filled with too much information. Please be advised that its content may be too much for people with delicate sensibilities. If that is you, please leave now and come back later in the week for cute dog pictures and happy stories. For the rest of you […]

My Dog Sails Better Than Me

Honey the golden retriever looks out on the marina.

As we got closer to moving aboard a sailboat, I worried more and more about Honey. How would she move around the boat? Deal with cramped quarters? I don’t now why I wasted my time. Honey sails better than I do.

Sometimes We All Need A Little Hope And Encouragement

Honey the golden retriever in a log.

Some days I can’t take any more. If I read another story about whales trapped in nets or dogs dying from contaminated dog treats or the latest rant about ego-filled trophy hunters I’m going to scream. I get offline and go looking for something hopeful to read. Because sometimes we all need a little hope.

Why I Don’t Take Pictures At The Vet

Honey the golden retriever poses with stone bull dog.

Honey did the cutest thing at the vet last week. I know you would have gotten a kick out of seeing it. But I don’t have a single image. Sorry. I don’t take pictures at the vet.

I’m Cured! Wordless Wednesday

Honey the golden retriever at the Hot Spot.

Yahoo! Honey is cured!

Do Dogs Understand Us Better Than We Understand Them?

Honey the golden retriever in mortarboard teaches a class.

I’ve always said I didn’t want a dog smarter than I was. But I may have one. In fact, I think my dog understands me better than I understand her.

When Does Your Dog Need A Harness?

Honey the golden retriever in her harness at Rehoboth.

While getting Honey ready for her vet follow-up visit, I hesitated. Should I put her in her harness? Or should I simply attach her leash to her collar? In other words, when does a dog need a harness? And when is just a collar fine?

Is It My Head In A Cone?

Honey the golden retriever looks like a flower in her blue cone.

Are you expecting a coherent thoughtful post? Maybe something with a bit of humor? Or something to make you think? Nope. It isn’t going to happen. I’m so mixed up I feel like it’s my head in a cone. Here are my random thoughts.

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