5 Tips For Training Stupid Humans

Training stupid humans.

You take your dog to puppy class or hire a private trainer. You work on training when you go on walks. By now, your dog is shaping up into a polite companion. Don’t you wish you could figure out how to train the stupid humans you meet on your walks? Techniques For Training Stupid Humans […]

Who’s Happier? Dogs or Humans?

Happy dog in a field.

Seems like a dumb question, doesn’t it? Of course dogs are happier. Just look at those wagging tails and floppy grins. And what do they have to be unhappy about—especially in a loving, forever home? They don’t have to work for a living. They get all their meals prepared for them. So what if we […]

Honey’s In Love – Wordless Wednesday

Golden retriever loves her squeaky toy.

Honey is in love. Does this mixed relationship have a chance? Do You Look Like Your Dog? The pics are starting to come in. Where’s yours? Click the image to learn more and send your pictures in today.        

A Life Saving SECRET For Introducing Dogs On Leash

Honey the golden retriever shares a secret for on-leash greetings.

If you have a friendly and playful dog, you’ve done the dance. You know the one. Where your dog plays with another dog while you and the other person struggle to keep the leashes from getting tangled. I’ve done it with flexible leashes where I worried that my wrist was going to be amputated. I’ve […]

17 Stimulating Jobs For Your Dog

!7 Stimulating Jobs For Any Dog.

We feed them. We share our beds with them. We buy houses and cars (and sail boats) they’ll feel comfortable living in. Our dogs have it pretty good. Maybe it’s time we give them jobs. A Working Dog Is A Happy Dog Work feels good. It challenges our minds and bodies. It stimulates us. And […]

The Curse Of A Perfect Dog

Honey the golden retriever is a perfect dog.

I read dog stories every day. I love seeing pictures of Sage seeking out mud with the efficiency of a heat-seeking missile. And reading about Delilah stealing popcorn while no one is looking. But I’m also jealous. It isn’t easy when your dog is Little Miss Perfect. She never digs in the garbage, surfs the counters for […]

Honey Shows Her Wild Side – Wordless Wednesday

Honey the golden retriever plays with her stuffed lamb.

Honey is a gentle girl. But sometimes her wild side comes out and she thinks she’s a beast tearing the guts out of her prey. See?    

Conversations With My Dog

Honey the golden retriever wants to chat.

If you live near my house, you’ve heard the following exchange drifting out the open windows. And yes, this post reflects actual conversations with my dog. Honey (downstairs): “Woof.” Pamela (upstairs): “You don’t say.” Honey: “Woof. Woof. Woof, woof, woof, woof.” Pamela: “Really? And then what did you say?” Honey: “Woof. Woof. Woof.” Pamela: “She said what?” Honey: […]

Do You Look Like Your Dog?

Do you look like your dog.

We all know people and their dogs look alike. After all, check out Winston Churchill and his bulldog. Except Churchill had poodles. So do people really look like their dogs? Or is it an urban myth? Ask Science If People Look Like Their Dogs Some scientists had extra grant money hanging around. So they decided to experiment […]

The Poopy Puppy Pouch of Death

Honey the golden retriever lies in her crate.

Me: “What’s that smell?” Mike: “Smells like swiss cheese.” Me: “It smells like POOP!” And so it begins. Pondering the puzzling putrescence that pounded our perceptions. I hadn’t been in the basement for the past few days. So putting my bike away after sailing was my first exposure to the fetid odor that clung to the […]

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