Do You Have Any Dog Stuff? – Wordless Wednesday

Dog decor items to be sold.

We found a fabulous person to help us with our sale on Saturday. How do I know when I’ve never met her? Because she asked, “Will you have any dog decor stuff for sale?” What do you think we told her? Your Turn: Do you fill your house with dog stuff? Or is the real […]

Worrying The Dog

Honey the golden retriever in front of stuff for sale.

My house is a mess. And it’s worrying the dog. Who’d have thought she’d be such a neatnik?

Honey’s Unrequited Love

Honey the golden retriever is in love.

My dog Honey has it bad. She’s in love with an older dog. But I’m sorry to say that Honey’s love is unrequited. And I don’t know how to help her.

Does Your Dog Still Come When You Call? Best Tips For Improving Recall.

Golden Retriever running in the woods.

Has your dog’s recall gotten a little lazy? Have you asked yourself if you’re like the dude with chili stains on his t-shirt belching on the couch who complains that his wife doesn’t like to have sex with him? Because you have to be attractive to your dog if you want her to come to you.

I’ve Got A Dog Habit

Honey the golden retriever is my dog habit.

Habits get no respect. There are drug habits. Creatures of habit. Nun’s habits. I have a dog habit. And it’s been a life saver.

Surprise! Wordless Wednesday

Honey the golden retriever jumped on a table.

My dog Honey is timid. She’ll hang back. Size something up. She always looks before she leaps. Surprise!

I Need Dog Insurance

Honey the golden retriever smiles up close.

I pay thousands of dollars each year for homeowner’s, medical, and (rental) car insurance. And I never make a claim. If I really wanted protection, I’d get dog insurance.

Does Your Dog Hug You?

Honey the golden retriever and friends on the couch.

Patricia McConnell has ruined You Tube for me forever. [Shaking fist in the air] “I curse you, Dr. McConnell.” Thanks to the esteemed animal behaviorist, I hate to see someone hug their dog. But maybe there’s a way to redeem doggy hugs?

Go On An Adventure With Your Dog

Honey the Golden Retriever waits to go kayaking.

It may not surprise you that I think every person should go on an adventure with her dog. But just what is an adventure anyway? And can every person take one?

Should YOU Foster A Dog?

Honey the golden retrievers makes allowances for a foster puppy.

When we move aboard a sail boat, I’ll be giving up some things—hot showers, always-on internet, refrigeration. But what I think I’ll miss most are the occasional visits from foster dogs. Maybe I’ll feel better if I can convince someone else to take my place in fostering.

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