Do You Need A Laugh?

Golden Retriever Puppy Smiling

Every morning starts the same way. “What are you going to write about on the blog today, Brain?” “The same thing we write about every day, Pinky. How dogs are taking over the world.” But sometimes inspiration fails me. Despite four attempts, I have yet to assemble a coherent thought. And it’s November, when I […]

What’s The Prettiest Season?

Honey the golden retriever in winter.

I’m not sure when Honey looks prettiest. Is it the winter? Is it the spring? Is it the summer? Or is it the fall? Yep, definitely the fall. Your Turn: When do you think your dog looks prettiest?

What’s Your Town’s Dog Culture – Take Our Polls

Honey the golden retriever wonders why dogs aren't allowed.

An acquaintance waved to me as Honey and I walked toward him. He was walking his friend’s dog. The two pups were obviously interested in each other so I asked him if it was okay for them to meet. They frolicked a bit. Then the other dog gave Honey a little snark. I told Honey, “leave […]

Dumb Ass Dog Owners

A Golden Retriever Winks

The off-leash dog ran down the hill like she was on fire. Her person yelled her name impotently. She might as well have not been there for the attention the dog paid to her. The object of the pup’s attention was a man walking his dog at the bottom of a long hill. Running as […]

Let Nature Be Your Teacher

Golden retriever sits in the autumn light.

How Dogs Talk To Us

Honey the golden retriever goes on the hunt.

“If only I could understand what my dog was thinking.” Have you ever said that to yourself? I have. I’m guessing there are millions of us since researchers keep working on tools that translate barks and harnesses that allow handlers to communicate with dogs at a distance. But do you ever sit down to think […]

Dr. Horrible Goes To The Dogs

Honey the golden retriever is an easy dog.

I’m a freaky, anti-tech Luddite. I don’t have a cell phone, tablet, or even a television (and they’ve been around for 70 years). But I LOOOOOOOOOOVE the internet. Why? Because, at least for now, it’s a relatively cheap place for creative people to share their works with the world. And my latest favorite creative person […]

Some Amazing Dogs I Wish I Had

Honey the golden retriever and cult movies.

I’m not proud of myself. But sometimes I feel envy. No, I don’t covet my neighbor’s car. Or wish I had someone else’s house. But every so often I meet an amazing dog. And I wish I had one just like him. The Amazing Dog Who Waits A contractor who works in my neighborhood had […]

A Sign Of Things To Come?

Honey the golden retriever poses with a hydrant.

Do you know what Honey is standing in front of and what it means? Shhhh, people from New England, mountain regions, the midwest, Canada, and upstate New York and Pennsylvania. Let’s see if the folks from Florida and California and other warm spots can figure it out on their own. These markers appeared on every hydrant […]

Why People Who Love Animals Must Vote

Honey the golden retriever wants you to vote.

It’s election day in the United States. Our local polls just opened a few minutes ago. Even if I weren’t a political junkie who pays close attention to current events, I’d still have to vote. Because I have a furry critter lying on my floor. And I love her. And all people who love animals […]

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