Making New Friends – Wordless Wednesday


Welcome To The Neighborhood – Pet Blogger Challenge

Neighborhood is a foreign concept when you’re a transient living on a boat. We don’t see the same dog walkers every day, chat with the school crossing guard each morning, or make that weekly visit to the farmer’s market. But we still have Pet Blogville. And the Annual Pet Blogger Challenge is its big block […]

How To Teach A Dog To Fly

Honey has surprised me by learning some amazing things–walking on a moving ramp, climbing steep stairs with open treads, and even staying balanced on a heeling sailboat. But this year we have a new trick for her to learn. We’re going to teach our dog how to fly.

Dogs Are Disgusting – Wordless Wednesday

Honey, my beautiful, dainty pup, is attracted to the most horrible things. Sometimes, dogs are disgusting.

Feeling Defeated? Remember Your First Love

Honey pulled with all her strength. Once she felt the sand between her toes, she did her happy dance and flopped down on her back in sheer joy. Honey remembered her first love.

A Happy New Year Story

There’s a lot of dark news out there. But I saw something recently that made me feel good. It’s my Happy New Year story.

How To Take Your Dog For A Walk – Wordless Wednesday

How to take your dog for a walk in seven easy steps. Step one…

My Dog Thinks I’m A Poor Substitute

Poor Honey. Nothing is worse than when she’s stuck with me as her playmate. My dog thinks I’m a poor substitute for my husband.

Why I’ve Never Loved My Dog More

I don’t know if I feel worse for what I put her through or better for how proud I am of how she handled it. But I do know that I’ve never loved my dog more. Here’s why. (Sorry folks, no pictures. Once you read on, you’ll understand why.)

Win Your Very Own Kurgo Car Seat Cover! Giveaway

We’ve found threatening notes in the car. Luckily, we have Kurgo to protect us. And here’s your chance to get some protection too.

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