Caption The Picture – Wordless Wednesday

Honey the golden retriever is sniffed at the dog park.

When I found this old picture yesterday for my post on enjoying the dog park, I wondered how you would caption it. Give it your best shot. What is Honey thinking? Thanks For The Marriage Advice When I asked if I should be worried about my husband sleeping with a blonde, nearly everyone had the same […]

10 Tips For Enjoying The Dog Park

10 Tips To Help You Enjoy the Dog Park

Dog parks are the most schizophrenic issue for dog lovers. Communities crow about their great dog-friendly amenities. And trainers warning you of violent gladiatorial contests not seen since the death of the Roman empire. Who’s right? It depends on the park. It depends on the time. And it depends on the dog. But if your […]

Should I Be Worried About My Husband?

Honey and Mike in hotel

Dear S’Waggers, When I read advice columns in the newspaper, I wonder what drives someone to write to a stranger for advice. But now I find myself tempted to do the same. Except I’m not reaching out to strangers. I’m reaching out to you, my S’Wagger friends. Should I be worried about my husband? Let […]

Honey Declares Her Independence

Honey the Golden Retriever declares her independence on july 4.

In Ithaca, July 4, 2014. The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen moods of Honey, When in the Course of canine events, it becomes necessary for one dog to dissolve the leash bonds which have connected her with her person, and to assume among the powers of the neighborhood, the separate and equal station to which […]

Your Dog Doesn’t See The World The Same Way Twice

Honey the golden retriever on a rock in Fall Creek.

We like to think of our dogs as Zen masters. They, unlike us, are present in the moment. When they walk, they walk. When they sniff, they sniff. They don’t eat while watching tv. Or plan their weekend while chasing a ball. But did you ever think of what it means to be totally engaged in […]

What’s Caught Her Eye? – Wordless Wednesday

Honey the golden retriever is smiling in the park.

Honey is smiling from her tongue to the tip of her tail. What do you think has got her eye?             Win Your Own Adventure Ramp from Solvit It’s not too late. But there are only a few days left to win your own Solvit XL Telescoping Pet Ramp. Or […]

Why Do People Resist Hiring Dog Trainers?

I have a big fuzzy blind spot. Do you?

Obviously he loved his dog. But the dog’s behavior had changed recently and he didn’t know why. The vet said there was no medical reason for the change. My new friend described the history of his dog’s behavior and interactions with others in the family. And then he asked me, “What do you think I should do?” […]

Do Yucky Things A Little At A Time

Honey the golden retriever.

Honey and I were enjoying ourselves. I sat on the porch reading my book. She pressed up against me with her head on my knee—who doesn’t love having a furry lap blanket on an 85 degree day—totally relaxed. I quietly leaned over to pick up the object sitting on the table beside me. In a moment, […]

Should You Get A Dog? Only If…

Honey the golden retriever asks: Should you get a dog?

You can take a quiz for darn near any decision you need to make. I know you’ve seen them too: “Are You Ready To Marry Him? Take Our Quiz.” “Is Now The Right Time To Go Back To School? Answer Five Easy Questions To Find Out.” “Is Your Boyfriend Kinky? A Cosmo Quiz Tells You […]

Do You Wonder If Your Dog Is Happy?

Does Honey the golden retriever look happy?

Is Honey sleeping because she just had breakfast and she’s tired? Is she just doing what dogs do? Or is she depressed because I didn’t take her for a long walk this morning? Does my dog look at other dogs and wonder if they have better toys? When I take Honey in the kayak, does […]

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