Don’t Say This To Someone Whose Dog Is Dying

Don't Say this to someone whose dog is dying.

Your friend is suffering. She tells you about how her pet is declining and may not be around much longer. I know you feel sympathy. You want to help. To reassure. But don’t say this to someone whose dog is dying…

Buying A Boat For The Dog?

Honey the golden retriever at Cambridge lighthouse.

I know everyone is waiting to hear that we’ve bought a boat. But it’s complicated. And one of the biggest complications weighs 50 pounds and is covered in fur.

Teaching A Golden Retriever To Swim

Honey the golden retriever in the water with Mike.

What kind of crazy person would move onto a boat with a golden retriever who doesn’t swim? You’ve been asking yourself that, right? Hopefully yesterday’s brief, shaky video evidence has reassured you that we’re not planning to drown Honey.

Mysterious Creature Of The Deep

Honey the golden retriever winks.

Scotland has Nessie. The Chesapeake Bay has Chessie. We recently discovered our own little monster in the Assawoman Bay. If we can convince anyone she exists, should we call her “Assie?”

6 Tips To Get Your Dog Ready For Adventure

Honey the golden retriever sits on a bed with her Nylabone.

Regular Something Wagging readers know we’re getting our dog Honey ready to live aboard a sailboat. Many of the things we’re doing for Honey might help you even if the only adventure you’re planning is a trip to the vet, a long drive, or a kayak trip across a pond. Here are a few of […]

Be Scared; Do It Anyway

Honey the golden retriever finds shade in St. Michaels.

Honey took one look at the ramp I had placed on the floor and walked around it. When I put yummy liver treats on the end, she decided she wasn’t that hungry after all. Honey felt scared of the ramp. But she learned to use it anyway.

Stone-d Dogs – Wordless Wednesday

Honey the golden retriever lies down with stoned dogs.

While living in our temporary home, Honey gets to walk in a new place every day. Yesterday, she met some new dog friends while walking in St. Michael’s Maryland.

Moving the Dog – A Photo Essay

Honey the golden retriever isn't happy in the packed car.

It’s official. We’re homeless. Or at least living off the kindness of relatives. How did Honey cope with the big move?

Farewell For Now

Honey the golden retriever walks away.

It’s too hard. Soon I’ll be sitting on the floor (of course, covered in dog hair) and panicking about being temporarily homeless while we start shopping for a boat. So it’s farewell for now. Honey Will Be Back I have high hopes for Something Wagging This Way Comes: a professional redesign that relates to our […]

Are My Dog And I In The Mafia?

Honey the golden retriever sees you coming.

Recently I noticed that Honey and I have something in common. No, it’s not constant shedding (although there are lots of long silver and gold hair on our pillows). It’s that we both act like we’re in the mafia.

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