Outdoor Dining With The Dog – Wordless Wednesday

Outdoor dining then.

Honey the golden retriever dines outdoors in Cape May.

I’d like to order a pup-garita and a serving of shade.

Golden Retriever grinning

It’s sunny and beautiful. Of course I’m smiling.

Outdoor dining now.

Honey the golden retriever dines outdoors with Mike.

Well, no need to ask for shade today.

Outdoor dining with dog in winter.

I’m always attractive. Especially to these snow flakes.

Which is better?

Your Turn: Would you dine outdoors with your dog in the winter?


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  1. No, don’t think that would happen. As much as Mom loves cold and snow, she prefers to eat indoors in the winter 😉

  2. That’s dedication! Fortunately we don’t get snow like that here but it’s tough enough sitting outside in our temperatures. We need more dog friendly places that you let inside!

  3. They would! They have! The weather hasn’t been as bad as it looks in your photo though.

  4. A few years ago, on a lovely winter day, we packed a picnic lunch and went snowshoeing. It was a lot of fun.

  5. Well, considering we are “husky folk” yea, I could definitely see myself dining outside in the winter hahaha!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  6. Ha ha I think that second set of photos would officially get you a ‘crazy dog person’ label!!

  7. We had margaritas and chip/dip outside on December 7th for John’s birthday. The sun was hitting the area so it wasn’t too bad, but as the sun went below the taller buildings, it got chilly. But Jimmy and Wilson enjoyed it!

  8. Ha – I wouldn’t take Blueberry to any eatery outdoor or indoor. Are you kidding??? Whatever manners she had around food, I totally wrecked. Since it is just the two of us – it doesn’t bother me to have her near me when I am eating, but I also know I ruined a perfectly mannered dog. I did SO much better when I had fosters and trained them to be polite around food and to wait in the other room while everyone ate.

  9. Haha, it would be more like…grab a sandwich at the drive-thru, eat in the car while Haley looks over my shoulder hoping for a bite, then head out for a snowy hike through the park.

  10. Sure, we eat outside in the sun when we can.

  11. Outdoor dining with Jack & Maggie is a bit of a challenge…we don’t do it often. Hope Honey got some hot chocolate…or some hot bacon flavored water…

  12. I choose photo #1. Besides, my dogs are snow wimps.

  13. Oh how I miss summer !

  14. Not going to lie – “no way” I do not like cold weather. We will patiently wait for sun and warmth and then we live outdoors.

  15. Yes, I dine with my dogs in the winter. But then again, I live in Florida.

  16. Yes, especially if it was snowing!!

  17. Oh goodness – you guys are determined! I admire that! But I wouldn’t do it. :) Well, I would here…. but dining out in the winter in San Diego isn’t quite the same thing!

  18. Mom doesn’t last more than 5 minutes outside with us, she definitely wouldn’t be dining! BOL!

  19. Nope! I’m a wimp in the cold. Mauja and Atka can dine outside and I’ll sit by the fire inside. Everyone’s happy 😉

  20. I’m self professed bonkers – But I enjoy the cold outside thang – but, there has to be a chiminea or something too 😀

  21. Nope not me, I hate the cold! Have a great night.

  22. I’d dine outdoors with my pup in the winter. All the more fun! You can catch snowflakes on your tongue.

  23. No, I find I’m much happier if I keep moving when outside in the cold and snow!

  24. Yeah, I can barely stand for walking in the winter when it’s snowing… maybe adding a dining element would help, but still going with summer on this one! *wags* – Gilligan from WagsAhoy.com

  25. That’s a tough choice! I can’t decide. Honey is such a beautiful girl either way!

  26. As for my own choice? Since I hate when my food gets cold; I guess I’d have to go with spring or summer outdoor dining. Even though I prefer being outdoors in cooler weather.