On The Waterfront – Wordless Wednesday

Scientific research says that being near the water makes humans feel better.  Does it do the same thing for dogs?

Honey the golden retriever on the river.

How could being near water make me feel good? You’re so busy taking pictures you’re not letting me look at it.

Your Turn: Does being near water relax you? How about your dog?

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  1. The water makes our dogs more excited if anything! :)

    • It’s what you’d expect from goldens, wouldn’t you? :)

      Honey doesn’t realize she is one, though. She only likes to wade. Frankly, I’m not too heartbroken about that. It means that once we’re on the boat, I won’t have to worry her jumping overboard to take an unauthorized swim.

  2. We live right on the water of a small lake. I feel really good living here. Is it the waterfront view? The fact we’re surround by nature and have no neighbours? I do know that I find the sound of the water leaving the lake via a small waterfall very soothing. Duster, our older dog, loves to ‘fish’ (he wades all summer long) and these days he’s transfixed by the ice-covered water, hoping to catch a glimpse of the otter that comes up onto the ice from time to time. It’s true, being on the water has many benefits for both man and dog.

    • It only makes sense that water would make us feel good. We need it to survive.

      I also had a dog years ago who liked to “fish.” No matter how many time she “sniffed” the fish and got water up her nose, she never learned. Hopefully Duster is a little smarter than Christie was.

  3. I’m a Pisces, so water absolutely relaxes me. After our trip to Big Bear last year, I think Maggie really enjoys the water too…Jack enjoys beach-combing for dead fish.

    • Yeah, nothing is better than water. In truth, one of the reasons I first dreamed up the boat thing was because it was cheaper than buying waterfront property.

      Honey loves Jack’s favorite activity. But she’s also known for rolling in dead fish if you don’t catch her quickly enough.

  4. I absolutely love the water. I could be a darn mermaid if only I had a tail, and I would be happy! hahaha! My huskies – one loves the water, the other two are terrified of it!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

    • I’m with you. If I could live in the water, I’d do it in a minute.

      Honey likes to wade. I’m wondering if she’ll finally discover her inner swimmer once we’re surrounded by water all the time.

      BTW, are you sure that two of your huskies hate water? Maybe they just like it in solid form. :)

  5. It sure looks that way doesn’t it? :-)

  6. Hey mrs, so I am receiving no updates from you which is why I haven’t been around in a while! Hope you are ok xx

    • Yeah, winter and selling the house picked me up by the hair, slammed me into the door, and ran over me with a truck. But as soon as things picked up a little, I come back to blogging. What would life be if I couldn’t write about my dog and visit my online friends? :)

  7. Being near water definitely relaxes me and both of the dogs love it. Atka moreso than Mauja, but she loves to splash around :)

    • I love the water. But I’m wondering if I had white dogs, I might not be so chillax. It sounds like mud just waiting to happen.

      Unless Pyrs, like goldens, are wash and wear. I find that the dried mud eventually just falls off Honey’s coat.

  8. Being near water very much relaxes me. I can’t speak for the dogs though.

  9. Water is truly my oasis. Honey looks like she’s going to love the water too!

    • Hopefully Charleston will be a lovely, waterfront oasis for you. I can’t imagine living any place that didn’t have water access.

  10. Like a bubble bath, wine and candles?

  11. Great way to celebrate Earth Day!

  12. It sure does for Haley! It’s her favorite place to be (except when the water is in the bathtub, lol).

  13. We all like the water, but we also love the woods.

  14. I find water very relaxing, the sound, the motion, even swimming. For my dogs, it is pure adrenaline!

    • I agree. I find myself making sex noises just sitting on the beach. :)

      As for the adrenaline thing–that makes some of your shots on the dock all the more impressive. I’m surprised your model didn’t dive into the drink.

  15. Feel the breeze in your fur! I love it!

  16. I love looking out over an expanse of water. I used to live on the top of a mountain in Laguna Beach with wonderful ocean views. Looking out over the ocean really created a sense of peace within me.

    • How wonderful it must have been to start your day looking at the ocean.

      I love a water view. But I have to admit, access is far more important to me. Looking at the water without being able to get into it just creates incredible yearning.

  17. Being near the water definitely relaxes me. I’m lucky to see the Pacific Ocean every day and sometimes I just look at it and think “awwwwww.” As for Rita… when we get close to it, she gets excited! She doesn’t really like to go in (she’s afraid of the waves) but she gets super hyper when she sees we’re at the beach!

    • I’ve often envied your easy beach access.

      Similar to your “awwwwww,” my husband used to say, “Look where we live” when we drove down the road by the lake. He does it less now that we don’t have a car. It just doesn’t seem to work when you’re only traveling 3 mph.

  18. Being NEAR water relaxes me, but being IN water — other than a bubble bath — doesn’t always do the trick.

    • You sound like my husband. He’d much rather look at the water or riding on the water than swimming in it. But I’m hoping that all the pretty reef fish in the Caribbean will increase his love of snorkeling.

  19. I love the water, it definitely relaxes me. I love nothing better than staying at a motel on the ocean where you can hear the waves at night. I wonder what it will sound like to you when you are sleeping right on top of it?
    The dogs get excited by water though….they just want to go in!

  20. I do find water relaxing, especially listening to ocean waves. Toby doesn’t like to swim and doesn’t seem too interested in water that’s not in a bowl :)