Oh No! I’m A Minion!

I’ve about had it with those squeaky, yellow suppositories that pop up everywhere you look. Y’know. those minions?*

But I’ve come to a horrible realization. I’m a minion.

Are you?

Are you a dog's minion?

Are We Minions?

I strongly suspect that I’m a minion to my looks-sweet-but-is-really-a-villain dog.

No, really. Hear me out.

I know people call themselves their dogs’ owners. But I think we’re actually their henchmen (or women).

Honey the Golden Retriever Fetching in the Snow

I don’t care if you’re cold, woman. I’m not done retrieving yet.

Ask yourself a few questions:

Do you find yourself doing your dog’s bidding?

Last night, Honey woofed to let me know she wanted something. I got up and opened the door to the back yard.

Not interested.

I got her a drink of water.

Not thirsty.

I opened the door so she could visit my sister and brother-in-law in another part of the house.

Finally, I had interpreted her wishes. The last I saw was her floofie tail heading out to socialize.

Do you do gross things your dog doesn’t want to do himself or herself?

I don’t know about you but I’ve been known to follow Honey around clutching a bag of her poop.

Yep, disgusting.

What could I be but a minion?

Does your dog have an evil plan?

Honey smelled great.

I had just washed her using gentle, all-natural, and $9 a bottle (gulp!) shampoo.

I got every soap-bubble out of her fur. I dried her off with a towel. I combed through the delicate hair on her ears so it wouldn’t frizz.

And her first move was to roll on the ground.

Honey the golden retriever rolls in the sand.

Ahh, just about got rid of that nasty shampoo smell.

Not on the nice, smooth grass. Nope. Right on the one bare spot in the yard. Y’know, that was mostly dirt?

See what I mean? Pure evil.

And finally, ask yourself this.

If something horrible happened tomorrow to cause our dogs to go away, would we be lost until we found another one?

Yep, I thought so. You’re a minion too.

* If you live in a cave or are otherwise lucky enough not to know what a minion is, click here.

Thanks And Assorted Updates

I wanted to thank everyone so much for their well wishes for Honey when we announced she’d be facing surgery for a dumb little thing on her leg.

I especially appreciated reading about all kinds of bumps, lumps, and humps that were nothing serious. You see, in over 20 years with dogs, every such thing I’ve ever found has turned out to be serious.

Honey the golden retriever dozes.

I thought you loved all of me. Then why do you want to remove something?

So thank you so much. It really did turn my thoughts away from worst case scenarios.

Honey’s blood work came back good for Thursday’s surgery. I’m going to take it as encouragement that a simple blood screening didn’t reveal anything too worrisome.

Thursday or Friday, coincidentally, is when the final work should happen on the boat we’re buying. It’s the last major hurdle to clear before we take ownership and move aboard.

I don’t know how Honey’s operation will affect our plans. But hopefully we’ll have some nice pictures for you of Honey on her new home, even if she has a bandage on her leg in them.

And finally, I’m taking advantage of unlimited bandwidth to do some blog promotion.

If you want a pretty and easy way to keep up with the blogs you follow, check us out at Bloglovin. Use the bloglovin badge in the sidebar to sign up.

And I’m finally starting a Pinterest page for Something Wagging This Way Comes. If you’re a pinner, tell us where to find you in the comments.

After all, I’ll need something to do instead of worrying about Honey this Thursday.

You’re Turn: Do you ever feel like your dog’s minion?





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  1. I am so totally a minion! I am sorry to hear Honey has been unwell, although not been here I have been thinking of you all! X

  2. I would have to say yes. But in return I think they are our minions too. Don’t they comfort us, play with us, make sure we get out and walk?

  3. Yes, I am my dogs’ minion. Particularly Zach’s, who never seems to know if he wants to be in or out lol. So sorry to hear about Honey’s health concern. We’ll keep you in our thoughts for a positive outcome.

  4. Haha, aren’t we all minions to our K9s?! I sure am 😉
    We will be thinking of Honey & her pack this Thursday, and hope that all goes well with her surgery.
    Re Pinterest: You already found me & I followed you back :-)

  5. We’re all minions for our fur-kids. Please know I continue to keep you and Honey in my thoughts and prayers for Thursday. I’m sure all will turn out wonderfully and she’ll be in ‘ship-shape’ for the new ‘crib!’ Ahoy, matey…let’s your dreams set sail. :) Best wishes with Pinterest.

  6. I love the little yellow minions, but according to this post my mom is my minion even though she looks nothing like the little yellow ones! We are on pinterest under, yep, you guessed it… MyGBGVLife 😉 We will find and follow you.

    • Yes, but does she speak French in a high pitched voice? Because that’s the real sign of a minion–even more than the yellow skin.

  7. Definitely our dogs minion…done all of those and more. We do have a pinterest account – would love to have you join: https://www.pinterest.com/slimdoggy/

  8. I’m just amazed that someone as intelligent as yourself took so long to figure out that we are our dogs’ minions. It’s like if an outer space resident landed on Earth, they would never guess that the feeder of the food and the picker up of poop was the one in control.

  9. LOL!!!! Absolutely!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  10. I feel like a house elf slave I think more than a minion. :-) *House elves unite!*
    I wipe their paws when they get wet, i’m constantly vacuuming my hardwood floors, spot cleaning or mopping, lint rolling hair off of everything, washing bedding, scooping poop, fluffing their beds, replacing their toys, giving them treats.. LoL

  11. All the time! I’m sick of seeing the minions, haha. I find them a bit creepy.

    Best of luck with the surgery! She’s still in my thoughts. Glad the pre-op bloodwork came back okay.

  12. Oh yes, you are spot on with this one, I wonder if we sound like them to our dogs when we’re muttering under our breath about letting them in or out for the hundredth time in a day? LOL

    We will be thinking of you and Honey on Thursday, and hope that all goes well; and you get past that hurdle plus getting the boat fixed, and then you’re off on your venture!

  13. Oh, I am definitely Rita’s minion. So is the hubs. Her evil plan is to eat ALL the treats!!! Muhahahahahaha!

    Glad the blood work was ok. I would definitely take that as a good sign!

    (Yellow suppositories! Haha!)

  14. Oh, oh yes. Nala squeaks at me to demand cuddles, and I follow her dutifully to the bed. I’m either a minion or a sucker.

    You and Honey will be in our thoughts on Thursday!

  15. Definitely my dogs’ minion. But they are my minions too :) They follow me everywhere, make me feel loved, provide companionship, fetch things for me (although mostly *their* toys….), and generally make my life better.

    Happy to hear the blood work looks good. Fingers crossed it’s nothing serious.

  16. I never realized. I’m a minion!

  17. I’m glad to hear about her initial results, and I hope all goes well for her surgery.

    And yes I am my dogs minion, last night pretty much proved as much though I’ve always had suspicions. I was doing Laika a favor by giving her a little bit of my apple… my apple.. well for the first time ever she didn’t eat it so I proceeded to soothe her and talk to her kindly as if this were a major thing and I asked what else she would like. We settled on a peanut butter treat.

    And yeah that started because she was begging for my apple and I felt bad. It turned into the hunt for the perfect snack apparently.

  18. Haha – this is great :) I don’t know what the deal is with all the minion memes on FB, or why people feel the need to add a picture of a yellow minion to every inspirational quote imaginable. Anyways, I call my pets my “minions”… even before the yellow ones were around. You’re right – it’s probably the other way around. I think the cat probably thinks of me as her minion more than the dog does. But the rolling in the dirt after a bath has happened here too with Shiner!