Nylabones are Dog Lollipops

Honey the Golden Retriever loves to chew her nylabone.
 Your Turn: What’s your dog’s version of a lollipop?

Dog Poop Bag Giveaway

You have only a few hours left to enter the dog poop bag giveaway.

Degradable and flushable dog poop prize giveaway.I’ve learned a lot from reading your comments so far. The scariest thing is how many of you live in areas with inadequate city water treatment plants.

The next time someone tells you taxes aren’t necessary, ask them what they’re going to do with all the sh*t when these systems fail.

But in the meantime, our dogs are pooping and we need to scoop. So enter the giveaway to get a little extra help.

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  1. How funny that she loves Nylabones. My dogs have never shown an interest in them at all. I even had some given to me with some kind of flavoring. Nothing.

  2. We love Nylabones here!!!!! And antlers. I love tennis balls to chew on and my buddy Walker sucks on his stuffies.

  3. I had nylabones when I was a pup … it did not do well for me. My chews are Elks Antlers. Happy BlogPaws WW. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  4. Dried poop.

  5. Mom will not allow Nylabones in our house. She tried all kinds and sizes and my sister had the in little chunks and pieces in no time and was eating them. I guess they work for some but not us. We will just go out and scoop poop while you enjoy your nylabone!

  6. I gave my dogs Nylabones a few years ago. They went in three different directions and I never saw a Nylabone again. They either hated them or are saving something this special for a later treat. i suspect it is the former.

  7. My dog Kitsune isn’t a huge Nylabone fan, but he loves Himalayan chews and antlers!

  8. Does Honey’s mouth do okay with the Nylabones? I gave in and bought Silas one. He loves it. But, he chews it until his gums bleed and it seems really sharp. Do you buy the softer ones?

  9. Rita likes to gnaw on her Nylabone every once in a while too. She also loves her antler!

  10. Dakota LOVES the “rough coated” or should I say more naturally coated Nyla Bones. Those are his favorites. He loathes the smooth and shiny ones.

  11. I’m one of those whose dogs have never enjoyed a nylabone…I’ve had Kong lovers and stuffie lovers and my favorite was coconuts…Murphy & Cecil would scour the riverfront in Stuart, FL and bring back every coconut they could find…They would then shred each and every one to bits…I always figured the coconut fibers were like dental floss cause they both had great teeth (They never actually ate the coconuts, just shredded them enough to clog up the lawn mower)

  12. Vlad & Barkly's Dee says:

    Vlad & Barkly both have several Nylabones spread around the house, and they’re really not picky about which one they pick up. I just wish they still made the chocolate flavored ones. Our Airedale had a chocolate knot one years ago. Vlad’s recently developed a carob addiction, and I’m sure he’d REALLY love one of those.

  13. Henry loves a naturally shed deer antlers. Reese however, doesn’t really know what to do with hers.

  14. My version of a lollipop is a good, old-fashioned stick. I like to make little piles of mulch all over the yard. Yum!

  15. My dogs LOVE their nylabones too. :-)

  16. Zora loves Nylabones! I used to get her the softer one, but she would chew them up within 24 hours. Now I give her the harder ones. She loves to chew them when she’s laying on her bed.

  17. I have to agree with the Nylabone. We only buy new ones when we can’t find them. Our dogs love them.

    Love that you’re doing a poop bag giveaway – I actually got a strange look from someone, because I was picking up my dog poop. LOL – I think more dog parents needed to read the posts everyone shared recently.