Nurturing is Sexy!

We have a winner!

We have a winner in our 6 Packs 9 Lives Calendar Giveaway and I am very relieved. The gods have spoken.

6 Packs 9 Lives Calendar
The calendar will be going to New Zealand to live with Sue of Greyhounds Can Sit.

I was worried that our naked man on the cover would freeze to death if I had to send him to Canada or the American Midwest.

Fortunately, summer has arrived in New Zealand so our naked stud with only a few kittens to keep him warm won’t have to worry about goosebumps or shrinkage.

Sue, make sure you send me your mailing address so I can get the calendar to you.

Thank you to everyone who entered. And if you didn’t win, you can order your own calendar and support the care of homeless cats at the Found Animals Foundation.

Save homeless animals by flirting

Which brings me to my next great idea….

I believe that if men had any idea how appealing they are when they’re doing the nurturing thing, shelters would be emptied in a matter of weeks.

Man throwing ball to Golden Retriever.

I'm off. Throw it. Throw it. Throw it.

So spread the word, girls. Let the men you see every day know that caring for little (and big) furry animals is hot! Jan over at the Poodle and Dog blog is doing her part by featuring macho men who aren’t afraid to be seen with their little dogs.

Do a little flirting. It’s all for a good cause!

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  1. A man who nurtures animals has every indication of being a good husband, father, lover, friend. Small dogs especially are chick magnets.

  2. Shrinkage? OMG 😉

    I was in downtown Richmond today and saw a dude walking his dog on the sidewalk near my car. The dog pooped on the sidewalk and the guy picked it up with a bag (no big deal) and the two strolled off. Sexy? Depends on who you ask. A good guy? Most likely.
    I, on the other hand, would have tried to drag my half-squatted dog off the sidewalk into some grass or at least the gutter (which inevitably would have led to a pinched loaf) and would have hidden behind a parked car until no one was there to see me pick up the poop. It’s a miracle I got someone to marry me.

    Congrats to Sue!

  3. Just two things:

    1. I am quite certain that I would have done everything in my power to make sure that nice man on the cover did not freeze. In fact, you might have needed to be worried about it being too hot in here. Just sayin’. LOL.

    2. The Daddy says that when he takes me out I am a *chick magnet*. He could clean up, if that Mama didn’t keep getting in the way.

  4. Dogs as chick magnets… the next great pet adoption campaign? :)

  5. LOL! My brother often said his last dog, Remy (a Chow-Lab mix), was a chick magnet. He was for sure. I actually think he hooked my sister-in-law because of his big heart and because of how great he was with Remy. I will definitely have to check out Jan’s blog! I love her blog, but don’t get over there as often as I should, so thanks for the reminder!

    My congrats to Sue as well!

  6. Well, darn it! I had visions of winning that calendar!

    I think all guys with animals are attractive, it doesn’t just have to be a little fuzzy thing. Sure, that’s cute, but any guy showing his softer side with a dog is a heart melter in my opinion!

  7. We had a single friend that used to “borrow” Ty for a walk in park when he was a puppy. You wouldn’t believe all the people he met! It’s evolutionary – women’s DNA dictates that we find men caring for dogs attractive.

    Congratulations, Sue! Keep all those guys warm. =D

  8. So sorry I’m late getting here! I’m extremely thrilled to win the calendar. It’s the first time I’ve won anything online. I can assure everybody that the hunky blokes will be kept very warm … even when it isn’t summer here;)

    Sometimes I wish being an animal lover was a man-magnet:) All the best blokes are well taken! There doesn’t seem to be a non-attached animal loving man who wants to hook up with a non-attached animal loving woman in my neck of the woods. I see a shift in our future, lol! But at least I’ll have 12 different guys to ogle during the next year, yay!

    Truth be told, I’m very happy being single. Which is just as well as I don’t see my situation changing and there’s a lot to be said for being free. Perhaps it’s a case of making the best of things too?

    Thanks again, Pamela, can’t wait to check out all the guys. Am emailing you my address now!