November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Dog Licks Man

But Dad, I just want to taste you!

When my dog Agatha passed at 16 years old in October 2007, I couldn’t face adopting a new dog. Finally, in January 2008, I couldn’t go one more day without a dog in my life. I visited the local SPCA during my lunch hour with my husband’s words echoing in my ears: “I’d like to have a calmer dog.”

As my coworker Haleigh tried to wrestle her purse out of the mouth of an adolescent pit bull in another apartment, I watched as 9 year old Jackie quietly sniffed at my purse.

Jackie was a calm and beautiful girl with enough youth to give us many happy years together. I called my husband at work and made plans for him to meet Jackie that afternoon and hopefully bring her home with us.

Dog in Bike Trailer

I don't know about this bike thing. Are you sure I don't have to pedal?

Once he met her, Mike made a quick decision to bring Jackie home. A few days later, Jackie became Shadow for her habit of standing silently behind me.

Shadow was trustworthy in the house from the very first day. She never had a single accident. When she jumped on the bed in the morning, Shadow didn’t hog the blankets and left plenty of leg room.

As an older dog, Shadow was the whole package–beautiful, calm, and loving. And while we didn’t have nearly as much time with her as we had hoped, I wouldn’t trade a moment of our time together.

You can find some of the amazing senior pets available to adopt through Why don’t you see if your new senior friend is waiting for you?

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  1. Oh, I think I like that. I could just give up on the idea of the two and alternate days for one-on-one time. We do that with my stepteens. I know that mine could curl up in one of those. Egads, I smell coveting.