Nothing Like A Good Stick – Wordless Wednesday

Sometimes there’s no toy better than a good stick.

Honey the golden retriever thinks there's nothing better than a good stick.

I spent minutes looking and just found the perfect stick.


Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop Badge.

What is your dog’s favorite “found” toy?

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  1. Yes, sticks. Sometimes chewed off one of my bushes. Because they don’t have enough toys to play with. (Looking around this one room, which I emptied of toys earlier today–only three here. And heaven only knows how many have been sneaked outside.)

  2. We like to find a “treasure” now and then on our walks, and argue over who gets to carry it, but they don’t get to come home with us because we chew them and Mom says that is dangerous.

    • You Mom is smart to keep an eye on you when you pick up things outdoors.

      I know that sticks can be very dangerous. We watch Honey like a hawk when she picks one up.

  3. Sam’s not sure how to deal with toys (probably because he is no fetcher). I recently pulled out a squeaky that the sheepdogs loved for him and when he inadvertently squeaked it, he dropped it like a bad habit and now gives it a wide berth when walking through the room. That dog is a such knucklehead! ღ

    • OMD, I would love to see video of Sam’s face when that toy squeaked. Why aren’t you wearing a Go-Pro on your head every moment? 🙂

  4. Yes probably sticks too. Arran used to like to pick up large stones and run around with them, but luckily that stopped once when he accidentaly picked up a toad instead. He hasn’t done it since, funnily enough.

    • You should have warned me not to drink before reading your comment. Because the thought of Arran accidentally picking up a toad slayed me.

      I’d love to have seen his face. 🙂

  5. Phoenix would totally agree!

  6. Does she get to take the stick on the boat?

  7. It would be a stick!

  8. Same here!

  9. Rita loves a good found stick. She also has a small squeaky tennis ball we found on the street – she loves that thing!

  10. So very, very true 🙂 And I’d be lying if I said Laika doesn’t prefer a nice stick over many of her more expensive toys.

  11. Silver will take to a good branch or stick, but none of the other dogs do. If they can find it, their favorite ‘found toy’ would be a mouse or any small varmint. Sometimes our outings about about half walking and half digging. bol!

  12. And you’re right Honey – there is nothing like a good stick. #saysjaxtoo

  13. Our first two dogs were real stick lovers, but the current crew is more about balls. Sheba was super excited the time we found an old tennis ball while out on a walk!