Not Quite Wordless Wednesday – Camping Out

Today we’re having some long overdue work done. We’re upgrading our fuse box to circuit breakers and doing assorted electrical work throughout the house.

Honey loves when contractors come to the house. The hard part is keeping her from sticking her floofie tail into everything they’re doing. Chérie is also unconcerned by the newcomers which is big news.

To keep Chérie comfortable and give the contractors room to work without worrying about the dogs, I’m camping out with them on the back porch. It’s not yet 50 degrees fahrenheit and I’m already shivering.

Yep, it’s going to be a fun birthday.

Golden Retriever and Hound Mix on porch

How does your dog react to work going on in the house? And what’s the best way to type wearing mittens?

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  1. I don’t think typing and mittens mix! If there is work going on, I like to see exactly what’s happening. So sometimes I’m sent to another room – something about getting my nose in the way!

  2. We are about to have our backyard redone and Rita is PROTECTOR OF THE REALM. It’s going to be a looooong month. (I may have to suggest the bacon in the pockets idea.)

    We used to live in a house w/ really high ceilings and tile floors – wonderful in summer, but freezing in winter (even in So Cal!) and next to impossible to heat. I used to sometimes type in those fingerless gloves!

  3. Wait is it your birthday???? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

    OMG when we had work done over a year ago my husband put Dakota on his leash and literally walked around with him inside…ALL DAY…it was beyond embarrassing! As for the mittens? Get gloves :)

  4. I’m not entirely sure what 50 degrees Fahrenheit is but I kind of wish it was cooler here. It’s been so humid all day and while the temperatures aren’t high, I still feel like I am melting.

    Shiva doesn’t handle strangers in our house very well. If I know someone is coming over I try to put her in a space that is hidden and completely out of the way, where she doesn’t have to see them and where she can’t bark at them. When we moved and had a number of people over to set up phones and other such things, I gave her two stuffed Kongs and closed her in the spare bedroom. Somehow, it worked!

    I hope it warms up and you get a chance to celebrate in better style. Happy birthday!

  5. Oh, Silas DOES NOT LIKE people in the house. At all. One of those places where I should have listened *more* to Ian Dunbar. We assumed that since he liked people out and about (he’s gotten more skittish as he’s gotten older), it would apply inside the house, too.

    He goes in his crate whenever anyone needs to come in, but honestly I try to take him away entirely when contractors and such come in.

  6. My Maya is like your Honey when it comes to people being over. I bet she is thinking the exact same thing about there being bacon in their pockets! 😀 My Pierson is a bit more cautious and stays out of their way.

  7. I give up trying to type when it gets that cold! Sam is wonderful with workman, but Monty – holy cow, he turns into the goofiest thing you’ve ever seen. My first Golden was good too, but she had a habit of stealing tools if you didn’t watch her.


  8. I’m a fan of those “hobo gloves” with the tips of the fingers cut off. Actually, those work best for me anyway with my baby hands that are too small for regular person gloves, but trying to wear kids gloves is like trying to squeeze a sausage back into the casing.

    Kolchak and Felix are 100% intolerant of people walking or driving past our house, 150% NOT OKAY with people actually approaching our house or standing on our stoop and yet, totally cool with people coming in. *sigh* They’re a bunch of cracker jacks.

  9. So funny you should ask that now–I just had work done on my plumbing yesterday and Fozzie was in heaven! Jose, my fix-it man, is one of Fozzie’s favorite people:) Fozzie loves all people but Jose indulges and encourages him more than most–a fine quality to have in a work person, in my opinion.

  10. Camping on the back porch looks fun!

  11. Use the pups as blankets and cuddle up.

    Happy Birthday

  12. Brrrrr!!! No snuggie?? Is it really your birthday? How come we didn’t know that?? Happy, happy birthday!! Cali loves when people come to the house, but luckily, she is pretty good about leaving them alone :)

  13. All the dogs get locked in their rooms/crates when someone comes over. Go Cherie GO!! So cool she had a positive reaction to electricians. 50 degrees is heaven to me and dogs.

    Thank you again for your support Pamela and I hope you have a wonderful and Happy, Happy Birthday!! :)

  14. It’s cold already? It seems like just yesterday when everyone was fainting from the heat. Well, at least you’ll have dependable heating when winter rolls round. No advice for mittens, how about you take a break from blogging? *shock*horror* Georgia loves tradies too but once she realises they don’t carry treats, she’s off. Sensible girl that.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Do you get to go out on the boat when all this is over? X

  15. When peoples work on our house, my peoples put me and Meadow in our crates and Leah in the bedroom with us, then they also lock the cats in the office so they can’t kill the repair men, I mean, escape. If us three dogs were all loose, Meadow might bolt out a door, Leah might eat someone, or at least badly frighten them, and I’d probably jump up on them to see if they had bacon too. :-)

    I imagine typing with mittens is just as hard as typing with paws. Not easy, huh? I see you kept your post short too. That’s how I try to handle it. 😉

  16. I can’t imagine having people in for the whole day. My dogs bark continuously when a service man is here for a while and they are put outside. I guess a camp out would be our only solution too. At least with mittens we have thumbs for the space bar.

  17. When we have peoples come work on our house our mom puts us in the sunroom. That’s okay with us cause we have couches that we can lounge on! There are three couches so we each get our very own couch! We are spoiled like that!