No Door Stop is Safe From This Cute Puppy

Honey the Golden Retriever as a cute puppy with her toy

Every time I chew on something around the house, you hand me a toy. We’ll never get famous on YouTube at this rate.

Cute Puppy? Or YouTube Star?

If I could name one phrase that sums up my life it would be “missed opportunities.”

I just don’t see the potential that other people recognize right away. Take today’s video, for example.

Honey loved playing with door stops when she was a puppy. Did I take out the camera and start shooting?

No, I just redirected her interest to a toy and felt satisfied that I was helping her channel her energy into a safe and fun activity.


Luckily for us, Tugger’s family recognized gold when they saw it. And had their video camera ready.

Get ready to squee!

Do you always have your camera ready? Or do you see every bit of mischief as a teaching moment?


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  1. To funny. I have a video of Torrey doing the exact same thing.

  2. l always think, about five minutes after the fact, that I should’ve took a picture of that for the blog. It might make me a terrible blogger but I like to think it just means that I’m a better doggie mama than a blogger.

  3. Good God! That is the cutest thing ever.
    I usually have my camera handy for ridiculous dog events, and yes I prioritize getting those photos over teaching appropriate behaviors:)

  4. I must have had a half dozen people send me this video…they all know what a sucker I am for an adorable puppy and a doorstop!

  5. Adorable puppy…I’m one of those folks who never has a camera ready. Not even for my grandson. Yikes!

  6. I never have a camera ready for the good moments. Ever. All of my videos I’ve had to artificially create myself because I am not one of those people who just happens to have a camera turned on at the right time. Who are those people, anyway? Are they just lucky? I always wonder if they spend their entire lives with a camera in their pocket, just in case.

  7. Oops, are we supposed to take pictures of the grandchildren, too? I miss all the good cat moments, but I am really trying. I even put the camera in my purse and never leave the house without it. I also never see anything to take a picture of! This is a such a wonderful video!

  8. I always have the camera ready, but Poppy rarely does anything cute when I do. When she’s naughty, I rarely have a chance to grab the camera to record her mischief. I think I need more hands. Rather than play in an adorable fashion with the door stop, Miss Pops pulled the rubber tip off first thing, then ran off to destroy it.