(Nick) Naming Your Dog

People come up with all kinds of creative names for their dogs. Some are just expressing their creativity. Others want a name that describes their dog. And some people look for a name that will work for training. Is it easy to say? Is it unique from other words commonly used? Is it easy to call over a long distance?

But come on. How many of us really use those names all the time? Aren’t they often shortened? Or lengthened? Or put into little songs?

I’ve started making a list of the names I call Honey throughout the day. Here’s just a sampling:

  • Cutie Patootie
  • Hunny Bunny

    Golden Retriever Puppy

    Call me what you like. Just don't call me late for dinner.

  • Sugar Pie
  • Fluffy
  • Fuzzy
  • Love Lump
  • Lil Evil Dog
  • Scooter Pie
  • Joobie Joo
  • Play Boo
  • Booder Pup
  • Pooder Dog

And, when we don’t want Honey to know we’re talking about her:

  • H-Boo

I can’t be the only one. What did you name your dog? And what do you really call him?

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  1. Mike the blogger's husband says:

    I like to call our puppy “Fuzzle,” by which I mean “fuzzy puzzle.” But it never caught on with Pam.

    Several other names cross my mind, depending on how well (or, more to the point, how badly) Honey is listening to us at a given moment. But I don’t think I should confess them in this space.

    Finally, I think I’ll get after Pam to write something soon not only on what she nicknames her dogs, but on the amazing tones of voice and other sounds she makes when using those nicknames. . . sounds I’ve never heard her use on another living thing, and that always make me smile.

    Mike, the blogger’s husband

  2. Oh, my, we have lots of nicknames and they are listed on the dog’s pages on the website, but everyone’s favorite is “Cheesewhiz” for Cheoah and “Rooster” for Rusty.

  3. My real name is Yoda but I get called Pumpkin cause mom says I am the color of the perfect pumpkin pie filling.

  4. sagechronicles says:

    Hi! This is Sage, but my Mom sometimes calls me Sager-wager-pager or SWP, for short. She calls me that too.