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Flat Pets Take Over BlogPaws

They’re everywhere. BlogPaws has been invaded by flat pets of all species. Deflated dogs and pancake cats nearly outnumber living breathing animals.

Capybara at BlogPaws

Flat capybara shows off his guarding skills.

Who knows where these mysterious creatures will turn up next?

Pet Bloggers Learn Secrets of Productivity; Take Over the World

Yesterday I spoke about Making Time To Blog. Nice to know I’m not the only person who struggles with this. Even those paragons of productivity over at Kol’s Notes and Tales and Tails admit that they don’t always feel they have enough time to do everything on their list.

I’ve started a group at the BlogPaws Community where you can find the presentation and feel free to steal or share time saving tips. But only if you have the time.

Or you can cut to the chase and find my Prezi titled Making Time to Blog.

The Real People and Animals Behind the Blogs

The best part of BlogPaws is meeting the people and pets behind the blogs.

Pepper was unimpressed by our lunchtime speaker.

Enjoyed meeting friends from ohmydog, Bunny’s Blog, and Pepper’s Paws, even if Pepper did have very strong opinions about some of the other attendees.

Something Swagging This Way Comes – Get Ready!

This funny blogger was all smiles from the very beginning. Come back soon to make your guess and win some swag.

I’ve gotten some awesome pictures of baby bloggers I’ll be featuring soon in my Match Game. There’s still time to send your pictures to get an extra edge on winning my BlogPaws swag bag.

Check out all the details here.

Of course, I still have another great day of workshops and speakers to enjoy. I’ll check in again soon with updates.

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  1. Off to check out your presentation!! Thanks for sharing… :-)

  2. Okay – I’m back – I loved it! Especially the cute little video. Great job, and again, thanks for sharing it with all of us! :-)

  3. Awesome! Thanks for the new Pamela! I loved the Prezi! Nice job, wish I could of been there to see you speak in person! Have fun!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your presentation with those of us who couldn’t be in attendance. It’s full of awesome ideas. And just as soon as I’m done doing the thing that kept me from being in attendance, I’ll spend more time writing them down. :)

    Enjoy the conference!

  5. We can see your flat pet from our room at BlogPaws. I missed your presentation but will check out your group on BlogPaws.

  6. Thanks for sharing your presentation. Blog paws sounds great, but I doubt Id ever leave behind my fur babies to go (plus all extra funds around here go to fur baby care)

    urban hounds

  7. Thanks for sharing your presentation and for the shout out! It’s been great getting to know you in real live person!!

  8. I will read your presentation when I have time.

    I love capybaras. They are my favourite rodent. In fact, I don’t like any other rodent but that’s beside the point.

    Seeing thwt pixture, I know I’m going to fail miserably at your Swag game. I think you should give hints, a tiny clue. For example, the picture is a funny blogger so that knocks out a few serious ones. Am I doing okay so far?

    You’re right, I would have more time if I write shorter comments and stop editing them 😉

    Hooroo! X

  9. OK, it’s nearly midnight and I know if I go check out your links I’ll turn into a pumpkin;) But if I don’t will I be able to sleep anyway? So cool that we who couldn’t attend can actually check out your presentation, thank you:)

  10. I have heard the flat pets is a popular feature at BlogPaws. So funny to see a capybara there. I have not heard of anyone having them as pets before. :)

    I almost forgot my picture. I guess I better get hopping on that! Also very excited that you shared a link to your presentation. I was working so couldn’t watch the livestream.

    BTW – Is that baby Carrie Noar???

  11. Loved the Prezi. Never heard of it before, but fantastic visually. Wow.

  12. What? Even Jodi and Tales and Tails struggle with time management?? I bet your talk was super inspirational. I wish I’d been there.
    Love that capybara, they’re like super giant guinea pigs.

    the baby picture game is going to be so much fun!

  13. Whoa! You posted this from the conference?? You are amazing! Talk about not having enough enough time. It was crazy for me but I am also a newbie….and I see you didn’t have your pet with you. Smart lady. Managing Chester and Gretel wore me out :)

    Again, nice to meet you in person! I am already looking at Barkworld in October :)

  14. I think I know who that baby grew up to be! The flat pets were everywhere, and a lot of fun to see.

    It was so great to meet you and I loved your presentation! I’m still trying to get caught up on things since I got home.