New K9 Nose Work Instructions – Try It Today

Golden Retriever Dog

Who thought sniffing could be so rewarding?

Last week I had some serious computer problems that really threw off my rhythm. I’ve always said that if I were a superhero, I’d be Inertia Girl–once I’m started, I can’t stop. But once I stop, I can’t start.

I apologize for getting a week behind in posting nose work instructions. If you’ve been following along, your dog must be an expert at the first lesson.

Good news! I’ve posted two more weeks’ instructions under the tab at the top of this page. You can visit the introduction and links to my posts about nose work or go right to instructions for week 1, week 2, or week 3. And best of all, you can click the joliprint icon on the bottom of the page to get an attractive PDF to print out.

Do you know a dog that needs a fun and easy activity? Send a link to their person.

Have you tried nose work? Let me know how it went. And I’m always looking for new ways to play nose games with Honey.

Hope you enjoy!

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  1. I haven’t tried nose work yet, but I have a feeling we’ll be trying it one of these days! Morgan is getting Cabin Fever with this weather in a big way and the next two days may make or break us all! lol We’ll be getting more and more creative with ways to keep her occupied, I’m sure!

    • You have to buy something smelly at the grocery store and print out the instructions to put under Mr. Taleteller’s pillow. Morgan will thank him.

  2. ARRRGH! ARRRGHH!!!! That’s what I think of this Thursday so far. No k9 work for Ms Pea today. She’ll be lucky to get her tea on time :)

  3. I love your ideas – thank you for all you offer! I’m in a quandary here; CindyLu just stares when I try to teach her to fetch or find, no matter what it is, or how I try to communicate I DON”T HAVE IT! lol Then Chester – he can find anything, probably miles away, even without prompting. He’ll do the find, but what could I possibly try with CindyLu? Her attitude is telling me nothing, fahgeddaboudit, Mom! 😉

    • Does CindyLu like food? Or is she just unwilling to work for it?

      Try it with Chester. Maybe CindyLu will get jealous and want to try it too.

  4. I can totally relate to computer problems. Mine has been acting up a lot lately. Not fun.

    Heh. Inertia Girl. It reminds me of that dorky show “So You Want to be a Super Hero.” I still don’t know if that was farce or if the contestants were actually sincere.

    ANYway, I am very excited for the next set of nosework exercises. Shiva is bored with the introduction activity and it doesn’t make her fall asleep any more. Can’t wait to get a chance to try them out! Thanks for doing all this work.

  5. Inertia Girl… I love it! I’m definitely the same way.

  6. Great idea but I’m confused why you need to go to the trouble of the cardboard boxes for the first step when you graduate to household items in step 2.

    • The boxes serve as a cue to the dogs for the game. They associate the boxes with the fun activity coming up. So if they come into a room and see the boxes set up, they know what’s coming next.

      I haven’t yet finished posting the instructions but the boxes make a reappearance when you move the game outside.