Name the SureFlap Dog; Win a Pet Portrait

What Dog Inspires You?

To name their new mascot, SureFlap Microchip Pet Doors wants your story about an inspirational dog.

Do you know a dog who beat everyone’s expectations? Or who did something heroic? Perhaps you know a dog who inspires you to be a better person every day. SureFlap wants to hear about it.

SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Mascot

What’s my name?

This cute little terrier will be named for the winning entry. And the winner gets an awesome prize pack including a custom portrait of your dog (or your friend’s dog or the dog that inspires you) by artist, John Payne.

Five second place winners will also win prizes.

Why SureFlap Needs a New Mascot

In September, SureFlap is introducing a new pet door that opens and closes by reading your dog’s microchip.

That means you no longer have to worry about other critters entering your home through a pet door.

SureFlap has had a cat door for a while now. But soon, every small dog will have his day.

Cool, huh?

The contest is open to anyone over 18 in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Woo Hoo!

What are you waiting for?

Click here to enter now.


SureFlap Name the Dog Prize Pack

Pretty awesome prize pack for first place, huh?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I receive a small consideration if you click through to enter the contest. Thanks for helping Something Wagging.



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  1. I need a larger pet door but John Payne’s portraits are the best I’ve ever seen! Wow. Need to set aside a change jar now to save up for one. His long eared Dobie looks almost just like Justus!
    Good luck, all!

    • The good news, Roberta, is that you don’t need to be a potential doggy door customer to enter. You just need an inspiring dog story.

      I hope you’ll try your luck. Maybe you’ll win the portrait!

  2. That is so cool that the door opens by reading the microchip!

  3. I love the idea of a microchip controlled doggy door. It’s such a cool technology that I am sure will have infinite uses once perfected!

    I also love that the contest is open to Canadians. :-) Thanks for sharing! I am going to have to try my luck!

  4. I need a fence for the yard before I can put in a dog door, but one day we’ll have one!

  5. The idea of a microchip controlled dog door kind of rocks my world. We used to have a dog door until a raccoon used it and I woke up to two very terrifyingly beady eyes staring at me off my kitchen table.

  6. This is a great idea:) Why not big dogs too, I wonder? Maybe they’re going to test the market with the smaller doors first?

    The prize looks gorgeous, love the portrait.

    Are you allowed to enter? You’re spoilt for choice with inspirational stories about Honey!